Why Do You Need a Power Strip With USB And USB-C

These days, we all have a lot of items that need charging, and without charging they are useless. Generally, in our homes, we find a lot of stuff that needs power or charging to run. Be it microwave, refrigerator, digital clock, computer, coffee maker, beauty products, and the same items. Or be it travel items, our phones, our watches, our laptops, etc. When these items run of power shortage, they need to be plugged in to get most of the charging.

A good power strip with USB has become essential because of its worldwide usage. Whether you want to charge your devices or just avoid any surge spike. USB – C has brought a revolution in our lives when it came to reversible charging cables. We have collected some of the best travel as well as for home appliances power strips that will surely help you out in most situations. Check out our best USB-A and USB-C power strip collection here. Or you can mail us at lisa@jeostorm.com.

Features of the USB-C ports

  • A similar design for all types of connections
  • 100-watt, the 20-volt connection is a powerful port as compared to old ports
  • Transfer high speed of power than USB – A
  • Supporting video delivery even video at 4k on screen.
  • Compatible with Thunderbolt 3
  • It supports HDMI or VG
  • It can charge the device 20 times faster than the basic USB

Why power strip with a USB – C is important
power strip with USB – C is important because it secures your gadgets from power spikes. When you plug something in it, it immediately detects what is being plugged in it. Therefore, it provides the best charging according to the device. It will charge your phone or laptop speedily as compared to an included charger. It works in overloading, over-heating, and fire-resisting situations. Check the too.

Why do you need a power strip with USB-A?

Because we find in some computers as well as in smartphones, keyboards and other gadgets that still require USB – A connection. Besides, USB – A cables that support 3.0 and above it comes with blue protector light rather than traditional grey one. USB – A with 3.0 cables are able to gain much speed within a short span of time. So USB – A can supports various standards.

Note: Ensure that all your external cords, cables, and devices are compatible with USB data standards. If the USB is a new one, then all the rest accessories should be new. Here is our best collection of power strips having USB – A cables.

Points you should consider before buying a power strip with USB ports
Safety and security
Safety should be put at the top priority. Especially in areas where short circuits happened a lot of times. So alongside with surge protector, you need a minimum safety level for your products.
Number of outlets and ports
Be it the AC outlets or USB ports, the number matters. As we know more does not always mean better. So maintain a balance between a number of ports and outlets.
Size is another important point you should keep in mind before buying it. Narrow power strips are not fit for a wide range or vice versa. There are the latest and versatile power strips in the market.

Power Strip Power Surge Protector with USB Ports
It is the best power strip with USB ports. This is in vertical shape means it is fit for narrow places. It has 10 AC outlets and 2 individual switches. FCC certified power strip that will control over-load and over-current. Our products are durable and reliable as compared to other companies in the market. Our all power strips are certified.

Power Strip Power Surge Protector with USB Ports

3 Outlet Power Strip with 4 USB Ports
Outlet Power Strip with 3 USB Ports is best for general usage. This unique power strip allows you to charge 7 devices at one time. And provides a quick and smooth power supply. It also suppresses surge spikes. Durable and reliable product. Just buy and make yourself easy and relax.

Use 3-way installable power strip with USB port

UK Power Strip with Individual Switches
The best power strip also knows as a grounded power strip along with USB ports. It has diverse outlets. If you need 4 outlets you can buy, or if 5 you can buy it. It is a nice feature of the UK Power strip and more importantly, it has a copper cord for your life as well as for devices’ safety.
It has surge protection capability as well. Whenever it detects more than the required current it will absorb it for the safety of your device. Providing you child safety shutter. It has individual indicator light and an individual switch facility as well.

Table Clamp Power Strip
Table Clamp Power Strip is providing you 3 USB-A ports (Equally distributed power to three devices), 2 AC outlets, and a wireless charger which is fixed on the desk. Besides, it is also providing you surge protection from power spikes of about 300J.
Nice feature, isn’t it? Portable and foldable cord. It has ETL, FCC, DoE Ⅵ certification. Meanwhile, it is also giving you two 120V US power outlets with blue indicator light. It is adjustable without any screw or knot. Safe and secure from fires and surge spikes. It is made up of ABC flame-retardant material.

black table clamp power strip

Final Verdict
To wrap the discussion up, the both power strip with USB – C and the power strip with USB – A are the essential items that every home or individual should have under its belt. Having a power strip is not enough rather having a power strip with USB ports is a matter. However, there are some points you should keep in mind before you get a power strip with USB ports. Here are some points you should consider 1) Number of ports and outlets, 2) safety, 3) size. A power strip is the need of every house. If you like my piece of paper please share it with your near and tech-lover friends. Happy reading!

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