What Is The Service Life Of The Plug Power Strip?

Every plug power strip has a life cycle. Generally speaking, the use number of plugs of a socket cannot be less than 4000 times. In other words, a qualified power strip must can at least 4,000 mating cycles. Therefore, you can use a power strip for about five to ten years if it is not used very frequently.

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Will a better quality electrical plug power strip be more durable?

Of course, a normal outlet power strip has a lifespan of about 5-10 years, but it is not necessarily. The service life of the power strip is also closely related to its quality. You can use high-quality power strips for about 10-15 years and use poor-quality ones for 2 to 3 years. In general, the power strip with guaranteed quality will achieve the best results through various experiments during the production process, such as plug-in experiments, overload experiments, short-circuit experiments, and extensive surge experiments. At the same time, it needs to meet the national safety standards, and the quality can be more guaranteed. If you choose a poor-quality product, its service life is very uncertain.

Qualified multi-outlet power strip internal conductors are stamped from one-piece copper bar design as a whole and neatly arranged. There is no welding between adjacent slots, which can ensure the best conductive performance. At the same time, the reed is in close contact with the plug, which can also extend the service life. The shell use drop-resistant ABS material or flame-retardant PC material, which can also more effectively improve the durability of the power board.

If you want your multi plug power strip to last long, the following five points will help you.

  1. Do not plug in high-power electrical equipment, which will make the power strip very easy to overload.
  2. Avoid frequent insertion and insertion. Because frequent insertion and removal will cause the copper contacts inside.
  3. Forbidden use of an indoor power strip outdoors.
  4. never plug a power strip into another power strip.
  5. Pay attention to whether there are water droplets in the socket hole to prevent water from entering the socket and causing danger

As long as the plug power strip is used way correctly, then there is no problem with using a power strip for 5-10 years.

It should also note that if the contact is often poor, you should replace the plug if it becomes hot and discolored. Avoid fire due to excessive contact resistance.

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