What is the difference between a surge protector and a power strip?

Do you ever observe a multi-face plugin attached to your computer and confused either it is a surge protector or power strip. In our casual routine, we called and known surge protector and power strip as an extension cord. Being an extension cord, a power strip provides you a facility to plug in multiple electronic devices at the same time.

Most importantly, a surge protector works like a power strip which great advantage in that it protects your costly devices from abrupt power storms, but the power strip not. Power storm sounds shocking? A power storm or power spike is an unexpectedly high increase in power supply (appears suddenly due to light issues) and can last for minutes or seconds. Power spikes can cause short circuits, circuit breaks, and power outages.

 You can lose your costly devices when you did not hook your devices in surge protector. Because surge protector saves your devices from electric changes. Although, people treat both power strip and surge protector as twin sisters. Wait…… do you think so? It’s alright, they both look alike and work in the same way but have some distinctions as well. We will ensure in this piece of paper that both have clear differences that will help you out to buy the best product of our company. After explaining the surge protector and power strip deeply, we will explore the differences between the two.

What does the power strip define?

3 outlet power strip with 3 usb ports white JEOSTORM (6)

The multi outlet power strip looks like an extension cord with having several outlets from start to end. Sitting in the last corner of the bedroom. Low Battery of your laptop or cell phone disrupting your work? Looking terribly toward wall outlet (which is out of your access)? Don’t worry, I’m there with a solution (known by the name) of a power strip.

 The power strip is a board of sockets that allows you to hook your multiple devices in a single extension lead. We should use it temporarily as compared to permanent outlets in homes. The maximum length of any power strip should be 25 feet and the minimum should be 1.5 feet. If the length exceeds 25 feet, it will damage your electrical devices. So buy a power strip between the two lengths.

Uses of the power strip.

A power strip uses for powering the devices. We can use power strips in the healthcare facility, in construction buildings to distribute high voltage of power to heavy devices.

NOTE: Although we should know that the power strip is used to dispense electricity, we should aware, it can not block any power spike. Any misconception about the power strip that it works like a surge protector….. Do you think alike? Be aware it can lead you to heavy damage during a power spike.

 Defective conditions of a power strip.

When you attached one power strip to another power strip, the amount of energy will be insufficient in some old buildings. As a result, power failure can occur.

When we Overloading the power strip, it can cause serious damage. Things of high voltage like heater, refrigerator, A.c, microwave oven, are some items which if we plugged into the power strip, we can lose our items.

During use, the power strip needs to be straight without any knot or wound.

You should insert the power strip in the wall outlet fully without any exposure before inserted the device’s switches in it.

In case of overheating (due to insufficient air access, beneath the carpets, below the furniture, behind the ceiling and moist environment), you should immediately unplug the switch of the power strip.

Revealing the term surge protector.


A surge protector is the right side of the same coin. Which is the left side of the coin? Oh, forget? Don’t worry, as I mentioned above that the left side is a power strip. Surge protector and power strip are two different names of the extension cord but having a few differences.

Advantages of the surge protector.

Sitting beside the window and looking at the sky, But you wanted a tea of cup, after tea of cup there is storm instead of blue sky. Shocking? No need to rush and unplug your all costly devices to avoid any damage. Ummm what is the solution? Buy a surge protector and make your all devices safe. A power surge can be eternal or external.

The surge protector will overcome the power spike as well. Any sudden break in electric current is controlled by a surge protector.

Surge protector absorbs the abrupt volume of the energy. For instance, a 100-joule surge protector can absorb a 100-joule hit (although surge protector doesn’t display the number of joules, but it indicates either it will provide energy protection to your devices or not).

Which items you can attach with a surge protector?

You are going to purchase a somewhat costly surge protector, so the question arises why? Let me answer you. We all want our expensive item’s protection. Do you not? No doubt we all, we want to protect our computers, laptops, t.v, cell phones, gaming systems, air conditioner, and so on. For all these items we need a surge protector power strip that can save our items from a power surge. So purchasing of surge protector is better by replacing damaged or buying new items.

Differences between the power strip and surge protector.

There are clear differences before you purchase a power strip or surge protector.

 The difference in power sensitivity.

The power strip does not protect your costly devices which you have inserted into it. But surge protectors not only you by attaching more devices but also saves your worthy products from a power spike.

The difference in prices. 

Power strips are cheaper and affordable as compared to surge protectors. You can buy it even under $10. But, does it really make difference? A little Increase in a penny is important or your costly devices are important? Don’t run after a cheaper price rather save your diamond devices.

The difference in electric rating.

Surge protector offers you a joules facility that can prevent power spikes. But the power strip does not prevent any damage caused by the power storm.

USB connection facility in surge protector but not in power strip.

The power strip does not allow you to attach your mobile phone through USB but a surge protector facilitates you through the USB connection.

Outlets space difference.

The surge protector has enough space between the sockets to move or rotate your sockets. As we compared it to the power strip having narrow space between the outlets.

Protection level of appliances.

Power strips do not offer you to protect your worthy devices. But on the other side, a surge protector ensures your device’s safety at its top priority.

A surge protector is a worthy investment of mind but a power strip is not

According to a survey, an average American house has more than 24 costly devices to protect from power storms. When you realize that all your appliances are safe from brownouts by inserting your items into the surge protector. It will surely bring peace of mind. No threat of power spike or any damage.

Surge protector for expensive gadgets and power strip for common items

You should buy a surge protector for expensive gadgets and a power strip for common items. Which if destroyed by a powerful storm can be replaced easily.

Final Verdict

To Wrap up the discussion, we find a power strip as well as a surge protector in almost every house. Which obviously expands your wall outlets. According to some people, the power strip and the surge protector are twin sisters. But through this piece of paper, I tried to expel this misconception about power strip and surge protector.

I explained clearly the differences between the two and guide you, which one you should buy.  It’s total up to you and your budget management which one attracts your attention. You can choose the safety power strip that suits you at will in our products. If you like my piece of paper please share it with your near and dear friends. Happy reading!

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