What Is The Difference Between A Power Spike And Power Surge

Does power spike sound like a strange word to you? Do you never hear about power surge before this post? Do there any difference exist between power surge and power spike? You confused. I’m here to remove your confusion through my guidance. Yes, there are many differences between power surge and power spike.

A power surge is a short increase in power supply. The increase is temporary. And usually is above normal power supply (from 12% to 35%). It can last up to several minutes. On the other hand, a power spike is more dangerous than a power surge. It creates an intense increase in power line as compared to a power surge. Power spike contains 3000 plus high voltage within seconds. Let’s explain the two clearly to understand the power surge and power spike terms.

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What is power surge
The power surge is temporary (and usually in thunder-prone areas) increase in electric power. It contains a temporary increase in power supply that last for several minutes. We observe it in our homes a lot of time. Sometimes flickering in light is occur and that is usually happen.

Because we switched on and off heavy items. A.c, refrigerator and air conditioner, all are the groups of culprits. But at the same time, small items like hairdresser oven, coffee maker are also power culprits.

It seems like an extra 100 kilowatts is added to the electric supply. The time is varied from area to area. Because some areas are remote (there are more power surges occur) and in the urban areas situation is different. There are a lot of causes of the power surge. Let’s discuss some of them.

Why power surge occur?

  • Due to power blackout
  • If you used a low-quality power generator
  • When current increases suddenly in power line
  • Lightning strike near the power line
  • Use of high voltage devices
  • Poor system of transformers
  • Faulty wiring
  • Issues with utility company’s equipment
  • Uneven power flow
  • Electrical overload and so on.

Why power surge matters to you?
Really power surges matter to you? If yes, then why? Stop…. and Relax, power surge matters because of their damage capacity. They have the capacity to make your costly devices damaged. Everything that has a microprocessor can easily become the victim of the power surge.
Your t.v, A.C, refrigerator, microwave, and so on. Because the tiny digital component of these items is too vulnerable to a power surge. Even a power surge can fry your electronic wiring, or circuits. Small power surges occur dozen times in our homes, and we are unaware of them.

Power spike
Power spike is the other side of the coin and first side is a power surge. But power spike is an intense increase in an electrical line, a high volume increase of power. It last only a few milliseconds and travels at the speed of 16.896 per second.
It usually contains a high voltage worth 3000 kilowatts. But there are some that are above 6000 Watts. And this speed can even fry your normal surge protector. Sounds worrying? Yes, it is. But every problem has its solution, so as a power spike.

Multiple reasons bring power spike.

  • Power Line Issues
  • Lightning strikes
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Use of high power devices
  • Short circuits and so on

Is power spike really matter to you?
Yes, they matter because of their high-carrying voltage capacity. And they are harming your sensitive equipment. Although, devices may not become victims of power spike at the same time, or at the time of occurrence. But also when they were exposed to power failure. So what dear to you? Obviously, you want power-protected gadgets. So increase your device’s shelf life is your first priority.

At Jeostorm we are offering you the best solutions to power surges and power spikes. Here is our best collection of the two . We are a licensed company and extending the shelf life of your items. We are growing fast. You can message us at +86 139 2463 3006 And email us at  lisa@jeostorm.com. Don’t shy just give us a call and share your issues. Our best collection of best power strips, as well as of surge protectors, will extend your device’s shelf life. Also check our LED furnire as well.

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Can you prevent power surge and power spike?
Although, you cannot prevent it. Because it not in your hand. But you can take some measures that can extend your device’s life and eliminate damage.
Unplug your devices when you are not using them
When you are not using your laptop or hairdryer, you should instantly unplug them. Because if you let them plugin, and divert your attention in any other work, you may lose your costly devices. Because if you look around your home you will find a lot of gadgets plugged in. You don’t know power surge and power spike occur every time without any noise. You cannot notice them.

Upgrade outdated wiring
It is the most essential work you should do. Because the electrical system of some homes (before the 1980s) were not designed to carry large refrigerators, entertainment systems, and computer systems.
You can get an idea when light is dim or flicker when you switched on any gadget in faulty wiring houses. Fuse blown is another indication of faulty wiring. If you find these symptoms in your house, you should instantly upgrade the wiring system. Otherwise, you can face fire hazards.

Fix overloaded circuits
If you buy a new flat and you are facing circuit overloading issues then you should check it. But how can you check? Just plugged more than two devices at the same time and notice the light.
If the light flicker then you are overloading the circuit (Or if you buy a poor power strip and plugged all heavy items in it and its switch in the wall outlet). So, in this case, ask your electrician to install a separate circuit for each large appliance.

Final Verdict
To wrap the discussion up, power surge or power spike are the two sides of the one coin. And both occur when there is a disturbance in light. But their intensity is different. I explained in detail the differences between the two. Hope my guide will HP you out to understand the difference between the power surge and power spike. If you like my piece of paper please share it with your near and dear tech-lover friends. Happy reading!

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