What Are Surge Protector Joules And How Many Do I Need

It doesn’t matter from where you are, from a rural or urban location, your house observes a power spike. And without enough protection, these spikes can fry your electronic devices and give you deplorable loss. So how can you protect them from surges? Choosing the surge protector is not enough, rather choosing the right surge protector Joules that can save the devices from spikes is essential. In addition Joules and response time matter too.

What is surge or spike
A surge is a disruption in light that sometimes flickers the light from high to low. Power spikes last for seconds. But these seconds are fatal for the device’s life.

What is Joule

A joule is a measurement of energy or a scale which measures energy. For instance, an average power storm releases one billion Joules of energy within one second. And how many Joules you need is only depends on the worth of your device. Here are some points you should consider.

  • What type of items you attached with it
  • Your location( how many power storm your home bears)
  • How long your surge protector works

A surge protector joule rating shows the absorption power of the surge protector before its failure. The higher the Joules power the better way it protects devices. And the power of joules decreases whenever they face a light jolt.

What is a surge protector and how it works
A surge protector is made to make the device safe and secure from power spikes(if they are plugged in it). So its working style is easy, it absorbs the high voltage that occurs due to light surge. Because this excess voltage can harm your devices. An inner component like MOV diverts the excess energy to the ground wire and saves the connected devices.
Is a high-rating surge protector is better?
The answer is a big NO NO NO, high Joules rating suppressor is not a sign of device protection against power spikes. So what you should consider from buying.

1) Let-through voltage
Let-through voltage is known as clamping voltage or voltage protection. Clamping voltage absorbs the excess current and permits only normal current which is required for the attached device’s safety. Less than 400 clamping voltage is better.
2) Response time
Response time is the time that surge protector takes to fight with a power spike. The longer the time the fatal it is for attached devices. Get a surge protector having one nanosecond or less than one. Check out our best surge protector collection.

How Many Surge Protector Joules Do I Need?
It totally depends on the devices you want to attach to it. Obviously, you don’t want a surge protector for a digital clock or juicer, but you really need it for a $1,500 worth laptop. Here I’m going to help out you to which is the best joule rating protection.

500 to 1,000 Joules
So, 500 to 1,000 Joules is the best option for those who have small items like table lamps or blenders. These types of surge protectors are easy to adjust and most importantly affordable. You can set them in the kitchen, behind the furniture. It is the best choice for a tight budget or for small items.
1,000 to 2,000 Joules
Rating between the 1,000 to 2,000 Joules is the best choice for small household items such as printers, copiers, basic laptops, cell phones, and routers. It is best for small homes and offices. So this range will secure the small devices.

2,000 to 3,000 Joules
This range of 2,000 to 3,000 Joules is best for expensive or costly devices. If you want to secure your sensitive data then you should go for over 2,000 to 3,000 Joules surge protector. You can attach gaming consoles, entertainment systems, laptops, and computers. Offices having heavy transactions should consider this type of surge protectors.

When to buy a new surge protector
As we all know, NO surge protector lasts forever. After some time you have to replace it otherwise it will cost you high. So location matters too. The most surge protector has LED light on it, that shows the capacity of protection. The LED light will not save your items rather it will off when your surge protector stops working. Here is our best collection of LED Furniture.
If you keep the surge protector under the carpet or behind the furniture or LED then check them regularly to avoid any harm. Also, ensure its cord has no knots or wounds.

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Final Verdict
To sum it up, it is totally your will how many numbers of joules you need and what type of items you want to attach with it. Where you live and how long your home experiences lighting storms. Jeostorm surge protection power strip are UL listed and contain many premium features above Joules rating. Check our entire collection here.

JEOSTORM Tower Power Strip

To secure your entire home and equipment buy our needs that compel you to buy a surge protector that meets your need. You should buy one that safe your items from a power spike. I clearly explain the Joules rating in detail, so that you can buy a good surge protector Joules. If you like my piece of paper please share it with your near and dear tech-lover friends. Happy reading!

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