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The hands-free automatic soap dispenser reduces bacterial contact and is more environmentally friendly and sanitary.
Especially when the automatic soap dispenser is commercially available, indirect contact with strangers is avoiding.
Reasonably control the amount of foam produced each time, high efficiency, and no waste.
Commit to improving the experience of each user, making frequent hand washing simpler and more enjoyable.
The product size is 105*80*210 mm.

Foam and Gel
The product has styles of foaming and gel. Both are base on the principle of non-contact rapid bubble generation, and the handle can use by placing the handle 3-6 cm below the bubble outlet.

Essential oil box design:
An essential oil box is designed on the top of the product to keep the surrounding air fresh while washing your hands.

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Antibacterial Rate 99.9%

Authoritative experiments have proved that frequent hand washing has an inhibitory effect on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans. Give yourself and your family a clean and tidy space.

450ML Large Capacity

A large-capacity 450ML liquid bottle can destroy more bacteria.
Therefore, this will be the best automatic non-contact soap dispenser.

Any Place

Whether it is an automatic hand soap dispenser for the home or a commercial soap dispenser automatic, Its convenience can help us effectively.

automatic foam soap dispense,factory
automatic foam soap dispense,,touchless

High Quality ABS Material

The best automatic soap dispenser is making of high-quality ABS material, which is lighter than other materials and easy to clean.

Inductive Power Switch

Press and hold the sensor button for two seconds to turn on the electronic soap dispenser.
If you need to turn it off, please press the sensor button for two seconds.

Optimize Automatic Foam Dispenser

lithium battery


Infrared sensor



Clean and hygienic

automatic foam soap dispense,,touchless

3 Colors

The ABIS-X01 countertop automatic soap dispenser provides three colors. They are white, pink and black.

It is suitable for use on balconies, kitchens, schools, shopping malls, hotels, etc. It is also favorable for outdoor camping because of its convenient portability.

three colors automatic foam soap dispenser
automatic foaming soap dispenser

Infrared Induction Foaming

Automatically induce bubbles, no need to press, avoid repeated
contact and cause cross-infection.

Fully touchless for use, you can get dense foaming soap within 0.25s.

automatic foaming soap dispenser

The structure of the best automatic soap dispenser.

The top of the product is designed with an essential oil box. You can wash your hands,and at the same time,you can keep the space empty and fresh.

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, charge for three hours, can use continuously for 24 hours.

Adopt a novel independent button, built-in precise infrared motion, and PIR sensor detection technology.

Structure of automatic foam soap dispenser1

JEOSTORM sells hand soap automatic dispenser.

The size of JEOSTORM’s hand soap automatic dispenser is 105*80*210mm. Simple style design, easily integrated into any place. Built-in 1500 mAh lithium battery, fast charging using Type-C port. The bubbling design creates more fun and makes children like to wash their hands. Set just the right amount of foaming, improve the effectiveness of foam or gel means saves natural resources. The ratio of water to liquid is recommending to be 6:1. The bottle body is design with an arc, and you can wipe the body with a damp cloth when cleaning, easy to deal with the humid environment. When not use for a while, the waterproof automatic soap dispenser will automatically enter standby mode. Long press for 2s to turn on/off, and the position of the essential oil box will have a flashing light to indicate.

Touchless use design, everyone keeps a safe distance. No need to press the button with your wet hand. The built-in infrared sensor can automatically recognize and quickly bubble out. The 450ml capacity transparent container can suffice most user needs. The transparent container also is convenient for users to know the remaining amount of soap. The refillable automatic soap dispenser has a large capacity of 450ml, does not need to fill a short time, and will not waste resources. The primary materials are ABS and PC, and the waterproof level is IP65. The position of the power button has the display of the indoor temperature, which allows us to know the environment more clearly. As a small automatic soap dispenser, it is more suitable for all families, hotels, hospitals.

white colors automatic foam soap dispenser, JEOSTORM
pink automatic foam soap dispenser,JEOSTORM

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