Round Power Strip with USB 5 Outlets | JEOSTORM

JEOSTORM specializes in extension lead boards and USB power strips. Explore grounded USB power strips with surge protection to protect your devices. Charge smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and other USB charging devices. Now order round power strip with USB 5 outlets and enjoy factory exclusive discount!

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Round Power Strip with USB 5 Outlets | JEOSTORM

The JEOSTORM round power strip with USB 5 outlets is equipped with a 6-foot extension cord and 6 indicator lights to tell you if the socket is working. The USB round power strip is a perfect combination of AC power sockets, which can charge up to 8 devices, which is very suitable for travel/home/office use. Blue and black options.

Smart IC Technology

Equipped with smart IC technology, the charging speed of the USB port is up to 2.1A. The 2 USB ports (5V 2.1A each) will also detect the inserted device and automatically maximize the charging speed(Other power strip with USB are available). The round shape is very suitable for placing several people in the center of the table to connect phones or laptops together to maintain power during the presentation/workshop, thus eliminating some confusion. Each plug faces the outside, and the wires will not be damaged.

Strongly Protected Round Power Strip with USB 5 Sockets

Environmental protection and flame retardant ABS shell, flame retardant strength is 960℃. The built-in circuit breaker and surge protector can protect your equipment from overload, short circuits, spikes, surges, and lightning. At the same time, if the power supply is overloaded, the reliable safety switch will automatically trip to protect your equipment and your house. This switch power strip has a master switch on the top, which is convenient for you to turn off the power of all devices before. 

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