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Desktop power strip clamp

  • Power: 3 AC outlets, Type-A and Type-C USB Port, 20W USB-C Output.
  • Surge Protection: Adjust to optimal charging efficiency, suitable for your phone, tablets, speakers, and more at the same time.
  • Versatile: Sleek compact design that’s compatible with all Jeostorm height-adjustable desks.
  • Style: This product comes in 3 types. (The options below can be viewed according to your preferences)
  • More Safety: ETL standard and fireproof PC material.
Hotel reception office area use of desktop power strip clamp with USB-C

The standing desk power strip with USB-C is used at the reception desk for better table management

The standing desk power strip with USB-C is used at the reception desk for better table management

Utilizing power strip holder extension cord ​can effectively organize your desk and help you create a simple and uncluttered environment for home and the workplace.

Chances are you have many different things to plug in at your desk. While you have several options for power sources, this optimized workspace outlet strip includes all the features you need to power all your devices while keeping your workspace clear of frustrating wires and cords.

desktop power strip clamp features power 3 AC outlets, and Type-A and Type-C USB ports for office room M03UC

Desk clamp power strip with usb

Features of the fully clamp-mounted surge protector:
1. All-in-one desk clamp power strip with two standard US plug ports along with USB charging ports.
2. Easy to fix. Tighten it (No screws required, No need to punch holes in the table.)
for attaching the unit to desks, tables, shelves, and workbenches. Perfect for the office, screws are required, don’t need to punch holes in the table.
3. The fireproof USB power hub is made of superior fire-retardant
PC material.
4. 300 Joules surge protection. Protect your home/office electronics from power disturbances, such as lightning, surges, or spikes.

Back of desk clamp power strip M03UC white Jeostorm

Easy to install on desk

· Adjustable to any edge
· Tighten tension knob
· Plug in and power

Under desk power strip mount

Under Desk Mounted Power and Data Outlets install easily for convenient charging and data sharing in hotels, offices, or conference rooms. Declutter tables, desks, and other collaborative workspaces while maintaining easy access to plugs and data jacks.

Mount under desks with a bracket or in a table’s apron to keep work surfaces clear and floor space free of tripping hazards.

Screw fixing diagram of under desk power outlet

Under desk power outlet with 3 AC outlets, 2 USB ports

Widely-spaced outlets allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. It’s a great addition to the desk.

Screw mountable design, more steady and sturdy
Put the desk power strip under the desk, insert the screws on both sides, and tighten.

Public area waiting area use scene of best under desk power strip M03UC white

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