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JEOSTORM Power Strip Power Surge Protector with USB Ports has 10 AC outlets and 2 individual switches.
Vertical design: The unique square vertical design, compared to the round power strip tower, saves space on a narrow desktop.
USB Charging Station Tower: 3.0 A/port full-speed charging (maximum total current is 6A when 4USB) built-in smart IC technology.
Surge Protector: FCC Certificated. surge protection (1080J), overload protection, over-current protection, and fireproof function
2 Individual Switches: There are 2 independent power switches on the top of the socket tower. Save more energy and electricity bills.
This power strip tower with surge protector is R&D by JEOSTORM outlet power strip manufacturer in China, supports OEM and ODM, and is great for home and office use.

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Power Strip Tower Surge Protector with USB Ports

JEOSTORM Power Strip Tower Surge Protector with USB Ports is different from the circular towers power strip. Through the unique tower shape, it is designed into a vertical square power strip design. The unique rectangular base occupies the smallest desk space but makes full use of the upper space. Power strip power has 4 USB slots, each port can provide up to 3.0A current, and the four ports can provide a maximum of 6A current. The maximum output of a single USB on the market is usually 2.1-2.4A. It adopts 6-foot-long heavy-duty 14 AWG pure copper wire, which has a larger current carrying capacity and supports up to 1875W. Electric power strips surge protectors provides you with comprehensive protection, such as surge protection against lightning strikes, overload protection, overheat protection, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection. The shell uses PC and ABS, which is flame-retardant, please rest assured to use it boldly.

Vertical Power Strip Tower

Different from other round towers, this power strip tower is equipped with a power strip with 4 USB ports and 10 AC sockets. The bottom of the power strip tower is a vertical square design, which can not only make full use of the upper space, but also is more suitable for narrow spaces.

USB charging station tower

The JEOSTORM USB charging station tower can provide you with up to 3.0 A/port full-speed charging (maximum total current is 6A when 4USB). In an emergency, you don’t need to worry about running out of battery power in your device. Through our built-in smart IC technology, the switchboard tower can automatically detect and provide the maximum power for your equipment without damaging your equipment.

Power Strip Tower Surge Protector

This power strip surge protector with USB ports not only has 1080J surge protection but also provides overload protection, overcurrent protection, and fire protection (made of flame-retardant ABS and PVC). When there is a surge of excessive current, it will automatically cut off the power to protect the devices. Even if it is burned, there is no open flame. Passed FCC certification.

Energy-saving Individual Switches

There are 2 independent power switches on the top of the power surge strip socket tower. You can turn off the switch when you don’t need to use the device, which can save you energy and electricity bills. The 2 power indicator lights clearly show whether the power strip surge protector with USB ports is working properly, but it will not disturb you at night. Don’t worry about using it in the bedroom.

Durable and reliable

The shell of the tower surge protector is made of flame-retardant high-grade PC fireproof material. Even if you burn the power strip tower, there will be no open flames. Therefore, it does not have the hidden danger of causing house fires, which is very important in safety protection.
The 6-foot 14AWG 15A heavy-duty power cord made of high-quality pure copper core has good heat dissipation capacity and high conductivity. High quality and safe to use.

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