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Magnetic Cell Phone Stand With 3 In 1 Charging Cable JEOSTORM

Practical multi-angle magnetic cell phone stand with 3 in 1 charging cable and 3 data lines with different ports, including support for most mobile phone chargers.
The Multi-angle rotation magnetic bracket adopts an N52 rubidium magnet, 60 times stable adsorption.
The charging cable has 5 levels to adjust, retractable cord 30cm-106cm, USB input cable length 70cm.
Advanced 3-in-1 design, with 3 data lines with different ports Include Type-C, Lightning and Micro USB port. Support for most mobile phone charger ports.

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JEOSTORM Magnetic Cell Phone Stand

Solid and trustworthy magnetic stand, can multi-angle turning, with three charging ports. Suitable for most USB devices.

Three charging ports

Advanced 3 in 1 USB charging cable, 3 data lines with different ports has 4A Type-C port, 3A iPhone lightning port as well as Micro USB port, appropriate for most cellphone chargers, can charge 3 USB devices at the same time, need not worry not having a suitable charging wire.

CZ01 3 in 1 USB charging cable
CZ01 5 levels of cord length adjustment

Adjustable Cable

Magnetic stand with 3 in 1 charging cable. electrical wire retractable size: 30-106cm. USB cable length: 70cm. The charging cable has 5 various telescopic positions. You can readjust the length of the cord to locate the most utilized appropriate length at any time.

Multi-Component Control

The magnetic phone stand has multi-angle rotation; All 3 components can be adjusted to various angles, quickly find fit your excellent angle. Very suitable for use in the car, no view-blocking, no distraction, no danger.

CZ01 Multi-angle rotation
CZ01 N52 rubidium magnet

N52 Rubidium Magnet

Strong as well as trustworthy magnetic stand thermo takes on N52 rubidium magnet, 60 times secure adsorption, compared to old-fashioned magnets, it is much more stable as well as will not drop easily.use much more comfortable.

Magnetic Induction Strength

New N52 Rubidium Magnet 4000Gs
Old N52 Rubidium Magnet 2000Gs
Ordinary Magnet 1000Gs

JEOSTORM Magnetic Charging Stand

The strong magnetic attraction of the bracket can be adsorbed in various places, firmly hold the phone, be hard to diminish.

Super Stability

The bottom of the adhesive phone stand is attached with 7200C white film acrylic glue, and the high-quality rubber pad provides strong adhesion. Sturdy in various situations such as sudden braking, going over a speed bump and driving on a rugged mountain road.

adhesive phone stand
CZ01 360° adjustment

Free Hands

Install on the desktop; it can be adjusted to rotate at various angles and elevations to achieve different directions of 360°. You can use the stand while charging, video telephone calls with good friends, online purchasing, seeing films, etc. You don’t need to hold it in phone your hand so that you can free your hands, avoid exhaustion.

Multiple Scenes

Suitable for many different usage situations, such as cars, offices, and residences. While charging the phone, you can also release your hands for live broadcast or watching the video.

CZ01 Applicable to multiple scenarios

Flexible Phone Stand Steps For Usage

Mobile phone magnet use step 1

Step 1: Clean the back of the phone or case.

Mobile phone magnet use step 2

Step 2: Stick the Protective film to the back of the phone or the phone case. Tip: installation in the middle is best.

Mobile phone magnet use step 3

Step 3: Press firmly for 15 seconds to fix the protective film.

Mobile phone magnet use step 4

Step 4: Tear off the blue protective film on the front and back of the iron sheet and install it on the protective film on the back of the phone.

CZ01 Use step 1

Step 1: Find a flat, smooth place and clean it.

CZ01 Use step 2

Step 2: Then tear off the backing paper on the bracket firmly to strengthen the surface of the white film acrylic adhesive.

CZ01 Use step 3

Step 3: Press the bracket firmly to strengthen adhesion.

CZ01 Use step 4

Step 4: The adjustable cell phone stand has been firmly fixed, put the phone on it and start to use

Multiple Security Protections and Tests

Solid and rellable


4A high power

High Current

Comes with a tow three

Comes with
a tow three

Muiti-stage expansion


Multi-angle rotation


Powerfumagnetic suction


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