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JEOSTORM specializes in extension lead boards and USB power strips. Explore grounded USB power strips with surge protection to protect your devices. Charge smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and other USB charging devices. Now order this grounded power strip and enjoy our factory exclusive discount!

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Use the 7-slot power board of the JEOSTORM brand to experience the extended power supply. The extension cord has 7 grounded sockets, which can turn your conventional socket into a multifunctional and efficient power station. Very suitable for home, office, workshop or garage.

Grounding switchboard with Overload Switch

The overload switch is specially designed to protect your equipment when the power supply is overloaded and ensure that it will not get stuck after long-term use. It will automatically trip when the power is overloaded to protect your equipment and ensure that it will not be stuck after long-term use. With surge protection and built-in overload protection, overheat protection and fire protection, to protect you and your equipment from damage.

Convenient Grounding Power Strip

The 7-socket grounded switchboard with main switch is very convenient to control all switches. When the equipment is not applicable, it can save you more electricity and electricity bills. At the same time, a switch with LED indicator will remind you whether the power is on or off.

Durable Grounded Power Strip

Use durable power cords to expand the range of electronic products you like. This difficult-to-use service line is made of durable cables and placed in durable PVC insulation and sheath. The traditional wire length is 5.9 feet, we can customize any length of wire for you. The power cord is composed of durable cables, made of durable PVC insulation material and sheath, durable and reliable, and flexible enough to be fully crimped easily.

Multi-function Grounding Power Strip

The bottom of the switchboard is equipped with a keyhole slot, the hole is a vertical surface, not only can be fixed on the ground, but also very easy to install. Simply connect the extension cord to the location where it is most needed to provide a solid foundation for the centralized power station. Don’t worry about the power board. The reset switch puts you at your fingertips and can easily control electronic devices.

Diversified Grounded Power Strip

JEOSTORM is a leading power strip factory. In addition to producing this grounded power strip, it also manufactures creative power strips. Adhering to the principles of creativity and quality, we provide users with safe and easy-to-use switchboards, and support OEM and ODM services.

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