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Handheld nano atomizer, the principle is that the air pressure makes it spray, the effection of atomization is perfect, and the range is wide. The effection of action can reach about 2 meters. 110V-240V rated voltage, safe and convenient.

The product size is 178*58*168mm. The 300ml large-capacity water bottle can disinfect a large area. Let you use it at ease and remove any bacteria in all areas!

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Widely Used Handheld Nano Blue Atomizer

handheld nano atomizer office disinfection

Only a clean working environment can make us work seriously. Therefore, the importance of the blue-light disinfection nano-atomizer is reflecting.

handheld nano atomizer disinfection in the car

One of the advantages of the nano sprayer is that it will not damage your electronic equipment. In this way, you can safely purify the bacteria in the car.

handheld nano atomizer elevator button disinfection

Touching the elevator buttons may cause bacteria to stick to it, or bacteria may be left behind.

white portable nano atomizer

Anti-corrosion Nozzle

New anti-corrosion plastic material nozzle
No muzzle blocking
Long-lasting durability

30 Crafting Times | 50 Precision Crafting

   Create High-quality Quality For You


Delicate plastic texture


300ML capacity


About 2 meters

portable nano atomizer size

30 Crafting Times

50 Precision Crafting

Optimize The Nano Blue Atomizer

Air Pump Spray

Stylish Appearance

Charging Mode

Wireless Disinfection

Large Capacity

Efficient Sterilization

Overview of Disinfecting Nano Atomizer

The nano atomizer can fully play the role of the disinfectant to cover a large area with bacteria and viruses. The atomized disinfectant can eliminate harmful gases in the air. The 1800mAh rechargeable nano sprayer can be charged for 2 hours and can use for about 3 hours. 110V-240V universal rated voltage. Type-C plug interface for fast charging. Safe and convenient. Every time the bottle is filling with disinfectant, it can use for about forty minutes. Large-capacity space can help you complete the disinfection work.

JEOSTORM atomization sterilizer, the bottle is made of PET. It is suitable for all kinds of disinfection water, safe and sanitary, and can use with confidence. Nano atomizer products adopt ultraviolet nano disinfection. Strongs blue light sprays and disinfects a large area. The wireless portable nano atomizing gun is easy to use and can spray anytime and anywhere. It has a wide range of applications restaurants and schools, public seats, and buses all need portable nano sprayers.

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