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JEOSTORM specializes in extension lead boards and USB power strips. Explore grounded USB power strips with surge protection to protect your devices. Charge smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and other USB charging devices. Now order Power strip with Individual switches and enjoy factory exclusive discount!

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Power Strip with Individual Switches

Eco-surge protector with a single socket switch: This energy-saving surge suppressor includes 7 sockets; 7 sockets have separate on/off switches to cut off the power of unused devices. This power strip with switch can control the power supply of a single socket at any time, and it can be turned off at any time when not in use thus saving energy and money.

Advanced Protection

JEOSTORM is a professional manufacturer of power strips, has a variety of different power strip outlet and power strip towers, a wise choice to be different. The surge protector protects computers and electronic equipment from power surges and destructive line noise.

Specially Prepared for Home and Office

The power strip with surge protector is very suitable for all kinds of home and office use, including TVs, desktop computers, laptops, speakers, monitors, mobile phones, earphones, printers, wireless routers, video game consoles, desk lamps, and small appliances. It also provides separate outlet control to prevent waste of energy from idle equipment.

Main Feature

AC input line: A high-quality line can reach a remote socket.
Always-on sockets: supply power to continuously used devices (such as wireless routers).
Advanced surge/noise protection (internal): prevent surge and spike.
Installation slot: install on the wall, table, workbench or media cabinet.
High impact resistant shell: compact, durable and fireproof.

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