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Power Strip Tower

The modern-designed power strip tower with USB is very suitable for charging most office and household appliances.
With the JEOSTORM power strip tower surge protector, you never have to worry about things such as power spikes or storms that will damage your valuable equipment.

JEOSTORM Tower Power Strips

In this technological age, most people have a desktop computer, a monitor, and maybe a printer, but add scanners, routers, and other peripherals. But usually, in ordinary homes, wall sockets are installed, which must not be enough for the equipment around us. Later we have laptops, tablets, smartphones, and wireless Bluetooth devices. At this time, the appearance of the tower multi plug power strip will solve these problems very well.

JEOSTORM vertical power strip adoption a reasonably standard power strip tower design. It is a charging tower with a beautiful appearance and exquisite design. The vertical design provides more space and convenient angles, energizing all household appliances and electronic equipment.

Using power strip vertical can free up desktop space, make the desktop tidy, and provide enough space between the sockets, which is suitable for home offices and professional workstations. A decorative vertical power strip tower can add beauty to any room.

Before buying a tower outlet power strip, we need to consider many factors. It’s certainly not enough if there are just multiple sockets out there, and our different types of appliances mean you can’t just rely on AC sockets. For example, the USB port and wireless charging function are also significant, significantly improving our user experience. Finally, the charging protection of the socket is also a must.

Before having a large number of charging ports, it also means that you need big enough power support, especially when you have multiple devices that need to be used simultaneously. It would be best if you used a high power outlet. However, because there are too many electrical appliances in the home, please do not use high-power electrical appliances at the same time to avoid exceeding the total power of the power outlet.

tower power strip with usb Use scenario
power strip tower with USB

The power strip tower with USB equipped smart IC can automatically detect your device for charging. At the same time, a USB charger provides you with a high battery charge conversion rate and is compatible with most USB devices. It can provide you with the most efficient charging speed and charging safety.

In addition to the USB-A charging port, JEOSTORM’s tower power strip with USB will also be equipped with the latest two fast charging ports on the market: USB-C port and QC port. The fast-charging port is compatible with most new mobile phone models on the market, allowing you to experience the ultimate charging experience. The USB-C port also supports the PD charging method, providing fast charging for your iPhone device.

tower power strip with USB
tower wireless power strip

Then there’s the wireless charger. As a novel way of charging today, a tower wireless power strip can power any mobile device that supports the Qi wireless charging protocol. If you or your guests want to set the device without dragging the power cord, you can It sits directly on the wireless battery charger for a more convenient charging experience.

Safety Protection Function

High-quality Materials
The advanced power strip is made of high-quality material, and extra-thick copper wire, phosphor bronze ensure high durability. The shell is made of ABS or PC material, resistant to high temperature, and durable and anti-drop.
Switch Protection
Power strip with switches to control the performance of AC outlets, LED lights to see if the socket is working, it's easy to cut power for a complete shutdown when not in use to conserve energy.
Overload Protection
The best smart power strip ​is equipped with an overload safety device that automatically cuts off power when overloaded, effectively avoiding safety hazards such as equipment overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit.
Surge Protector
The tower power strip with surge protector protects your equipment from power surges, spikes, fire, or other unsafe situations. Especially during storms and lightning, this power strip tower surge protector can do the trick.

Best Power Strip Tower Recommendations

FT02 small power strip

A small power strip with a bracket design has three charging methods: AC outlets, USB fast charging port, and wireless charger. You can quickly put it in your backpack without taking up too much space when you travel or travel. You can wirelessly charge the put your phone on bracket part.

Z04UC power strip with timer

The power strip with timer has 2 AC outlets and 3 USB ports; the USB port is equipped with a 20W fast charging port, small size yet with various features. In addition to charging the device, there is a clock and Bluetooth audio function, which allows you to enjoy the song function to the fullest.

FT12 square power strip

The square power strip combines multiple outlets and multiple USB ports. The top is equipped with two independent power switches. The unique square base takes up very little desk space, and you can easily place it in tight corners. With surge protection (1080J), overload protection, over-current protection, and fireproof function.