USB Outlet Power Strip

USB outlet power strips are a necessity in many homes today. We have a lot of equipment that needs to rely on it for power, for example, smartphones, tablets, TVs, lamps, and other household appliances. Otherwise, just depending on the wall socket is not enough. So, thanks to the outlet power strip, you no longer have to worry about having too many devices but not enough sockets problem.

If you’re looking for intelligent solutions to connect your household equipment or office device, you need at least one high-quality multi outlet power strip. The JEOSTORM power outlet strip surpasses much ordinary power strip bar. We have added multiple charging functions and safety protections to the electrical power strip. There is also a small portable power strip ​for you to easily carry out. Offering multifunctional power strip with USB ports charging station great choice for home, hotel, and office.

USB Outlet Power Strip

Multi outlet power strip

Utilizing power strip extension cord ​can effectively organize your desk and help you create a simple and uncluttered environment for home and the workplace.

Smart power strip with USB

The power strips with USB have a built-in charge management chip that automatically identifies your USB devices. At the same time, you can choose a smart power strip safety fast charge with a QC port or a USB-C port, which can provide the fastest charging speed for your USB devices and an overloaded power strip can protect your devices from current damage.

Power strip with USB
T04K power strip with switch

Power surge strip with switch

The power surge strip with switch design can be easily powered on or off, and the led indicator light can see whether the power strip outlet board is working. Please turn it off when not in use, reduce standby power consumption, and be more power-saving and safe.

Surge protector power strip safer

Surge protector power strip protect electronic equipment being charged from surges that can cause accidental damage to electronic equipment. Minimizes current bumps, providing a safe power threshold, especially during storms and lightning.

Surge protector power strip
JEOSORM power strip safety

Fire safe power strip

The JEOSORM fire safe power strip has various safety protection features. The interior adopts a high-quality pure copper power cord with good toughness and cannot oxidize easily. The shell uses advanced ABS or PC flame retardant material, resistant to high temperature and drop.

Best multiple outlet power strip Recommendations

M034KT power strip with switched outlets

The USB outlet power strip with switched outlets has 3 outlet power strips, 3 USB-A ports, and a USB-C fast-charging port, providing 20W fast charging. There is a mounting groove on the back; you can easily install it on the wall, with surge and overload protection.

Low Profile Flat Plug Extension Cord Power Strip, With 45 Degree Plug Design

The Low Profile Flat Plug Extension Cord Power Strip, is a sleek and innovative power solution designed to meet your modern needs. With a unique 45-degree plug design and a low-profile flat plug, this power strip is engineered for convenience and efficiency.

T04K Flat plug power strip

Flat plug power strip with main power switch, the mini size but has six outlets, if you are out playing or traveling, you can put it in your backpack as you like, and it will not take up too much backpack space. The shell is made of PC flame retardant material, safer to use.

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