Power Strip Vs Extension Cord: What Are They? What’s The Difference Between Them?

What is the difference between a power strip vs extension cord? We often see these two power supply tools in our daily life. A power strip and an extension cord are the go-to tools when they require additional outlets to power electronics. But you may not know the difference between these two tools or what scenarios are suitable for use. And this article is to answer your doubts.

power strip vs extension cord

What Are Power Strip Vs Extension Cord?

Power Strip

A power strip is a device with multiple outlets and a flexible cable that plugs into a wall outlet. It is composed of a series of electrical sockets with a cable and electrical plug at its end. The meaning of the power strip designed is to power multiple electronic devices that are close to each other, such as various devices in a home living room or office.

Some high-quality power strips will have safety features such as surge protection or overload protection to prevent sudden surges or power overloads from damaging the device. In some modern designs, diverse functions have appeared, like USB ports and wireless charging of mobile phones. The appearance is designed to be more in line with home furnishings, improve aesthetics, and increase a variety of functions. (You can check out our range of Outlet Power Strips here.)


Requires attention: power strips can use for low power load equipment. Not allowed to use high power electrical appliances. They are doing so easy a serious fire hazard.

Extension Cord

This tool is an electrical cable that is long and has a minimum of one socket on its one end and an electrical plug on its other end. The purpose of an extension cord is to extend a wall outlet farther away, powering our tools.

But before choosing the right extension cord, the length is need consideration, and you can buy them based on your needs. Some cords are only 2 feet in length, while other extension cords are over 30 feet in length, and the longer the extension cord, the more power it takes to run to the appliance, which also consumes more power. Aside from size, the thickness of the wires inside an extension cord dictates how much energy it can safely carry. Thicker wires can carry more power over longer distances.

Attention extension cords are only for temporary use, unplug as soon as possible when not in use, do not keep plugged into the wall socket.

PS: Extension cords and power strips are not to be used together.

How should we choose an extension cord or power strip?

Since many manufacturers design power strips with long cables similar to extension cords, it causes us to confuse extension cord vs power strip easily. So before buying, we need to determine what scenario we need them in use, and we can query the merchant to choose the product.

If you want to add more power sockets to your wall sockets for powering multiple devices nearby, you need to choose an outlet power strip.
If you want to power a remote device, you will need an extension cord, the exact length of which depends on the distance.

M034KT wall mountable power strip with USB


Whether you utilize an extension cord or a power strip, prioritize safety. It would be best if you did not overload your power strip with too many appliances, and you should never make an extension cord a permanent feature.
If you’ve figured out what you need to choose, you can make the most of extension cords and power strips.

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