Picking The Right Surge Protector Power Strip For Computer Desk

Our computer desk is usually equipped with a variety of equipment, in addition to a computer host, it will also be equipped with monitors, speakers, notebooks and other equipment. And what will also fit game lovers with some game consoles and peripherals? So many electronic products need to use multiple sockets, and preparing a power strip for computer can solve their power supply problems well.

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What To Consider When Choosing A Computer Power Strip?

In addition to providing multiple charging ports, security features are essential. But ordinary power strips for computers can protect your computer and other devices from electrical fluctuations? The answer is no, and regular power strips do not protect your computer from electrical fluctuations. But if you choose power strips with built-in surge protectors to protect your equipment, you don’t have to worry about expensive electronics being damaged by electrical fluctuations.

Requires attention, not all power strips have surge protection, and inexpensive ones often fail to protect your machine.

How To Choose The Best Surge Protector Power Strip For Computer?

When you plug your computer or any electrical equipment into a regular power outlet, the device should be provided with a consistent voltage level to function correctly. Under certain conditions, such as power outages or issues with the power grid, spikes or surges in voltage can occur. A spike is a momentary increase in voltage while a surge is a prolonged increase. Whether you experience a spike or surge, any sudden increase in voltage can damage your equipment.

The best solution to prevent damage to electronic products caused by voltage rise is to use computer power strips with surge protectors. These protect your computer and other equipment by diverting the extra energy from a surge or spike into a protective component allowing only the appropriate voltage to reach your equipment.

Surge Joule Size

The surge protector has a difference in joules; the higher the value of joules, the better. You can think of it as a shield that blocks excess energy. Higher numbers mean the surge protector can sustain more (or bigger) hits through single or multiple events before wearing out. If a surge protector has 500 joules of protection, it could theoretically handle five 100-joule hits, two 250-joule hits, or one 500-joule hit. So when we have sensitive or expensive equipment such as computers, monitors, and audio/video equipment in our homes, we need to ensure that the Joule rating is at least 500-1000joule.

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How To Choose The Best Surge Protector Power Strip?

We must carefully choose the suitable power strip surge protector for computer devices. In addition to the extra socket ports to give them power, multiple functions and safety protection are also essential, improving our user experience.

This surge protection power strip tower has 11 AC outlets and 2 USB charging ports. Equipped with a 6.5ft cord and UL 14AWG cable, and has a rated power of 1250w. 900J surge protector and overload protection can protect your devices from power surges, spikes, fire, or other unsafe cases.

613KUT surge protection power strip tower

This wireless power strip with surge protection comes with 10 widely spaced AC power outlets, 4 USB ports, and 1 wireless charger. All outlets are evenly distributed on each surface, you can charge up to 15 devices simultaneously from a 360-degree angle. A 900-joule surge protector can ensure that all connected devices are safe and not damaged in the event of a surge or spike.

712KUW wireless power strip with surge protection

This power strip tower surge protector with USB ports has 10 AC outlets and 2 individual switches. It uses a unique square vertical design compared to the round power strip tower, saving space on a narrow desktop. Built-in 1080J surge protection and overload protection provides you with comprehensive protection.


JEOSTORM is a professional outlet power strip manufacturer in China, providing the best surge protector power strips for various devices in our homes and office.

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