How To Mount A Power Strip

Our homes, offices and other workplaces often have multiple devices, and these devices need to use the socket to charge, leading to that wall outlets are not enough. Most people purchase a power strip as a remedy, but sometimes, you feel like that pesky power strip with everything plugged into it is getting in the way. These power cords become a tangled, unorganized mess, but if you mount a power strip to your wall or desk, you can improve your desk space while keeping device cables from getting too cluttered.

This article will learn how to mount a power strip on the wall as a safe and convenient way to enjoy more of your devices.

First of all, you need to check whether there is a mounting groove on the back of the power strip, or you can go and buy a power strip with mounting holes. For those with mounting grooves, you need to prepare first like a drill, 2-4 screws(the size of the screw head needs to be suitable for the installation slot), plastic anchors, a ruler and a pencil. If you power strip no installation groove, you need to prepare a roll of 3m double-sided tape (or equivalent industrial grade double-sided tape), velcro and a pair of scissors. You are then ready to install the mount a power strip.

Mount Power Strip On Wall

First, you need to determine where to install it, but first, make sure that the outlet power strip cable length can reach the nearest wall outlet. Then measure the distance of the mounting holes on the back of the power strip and mark 2 drilling points at the same distance on the wall with a pencil and ruler. Then use your drill to drill holes at the marked points. Tap in 2 plastic anchors into the drill holes until they are flush with the wall. Finally, screw the 2 screws into the plastic anchor and protrude about 3-5mm in height. Then you just can align the mounting grooves on the back of the wall mountable power strip with the screws and slide them in.

Mountable Power Strip

No drilling installation method

The first step is to clean the wall and the back of the power strip. Then cut the velcro into two pieces, stick the “loop” side to the power board with 3m double-sided tape, and stick the “hook” side to the wall. In this way, you can freely stick the power multi-plug extension lead on it.

Mount Power Strip To Desk

In addition to the above two installation methods, we can also buy a table clamp power strip when we need to install the power strip on our desk. No screws are required, no need to punch holes in the table, and no need for tools such as double-sided tape. Just tighten the tension knob at the bottom, and then you can easily install it on the desktop.

FT02W table clamp power strip

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