How To Choose The Right Multiple Plug Power Strip For Hotel?

In the last several years, more and more devices we need to carry when we go out, and many travel business companies recognize this shift; planes and subways are adding Wi-Fi, and restaurants provide USB charging ports. The prevalence of mobile electronics increases our need for places to power them, and many places have begun actively adapting to our needs. As the most crucial hotel in the tourism industry, it must keep pace with the times. A multiple plug power strip can help provide suitable outlets for these devices.

According to 2017 statistics, most business travelers all across want more power outlets in hotel rooms and provide enough power outlet slots for their smartphones, laptop, and other devices. But in fact, most hotels lack this awareness. Some hotels have many options, but some require me to crawl under a desk to unplug a lamp when I charge my iPhone. One of the most infuriating examples is the lack of outlets near the bed, which requires us to charge our devices in the corner of my hotel room. This undoubtedly leaves a wrong impression on customers.

Choose The Right Power Strip For Hotel

In today’s technology era, it’s absurd that hotel guest rooms haven’t supplied enough power outlet sources. Adding extra hotel sockets is not a hassle. There’s no need to tear down walls or old outlets; a multiple plug power strip extension outlet is a good option.

Hotel Room Bedside

After a day of travel and meetings, travelers will immediately lie in bed to relax their bodies after returning to their rooms and recharge their phones and tablets that run out of battery. These devices need many charging ports, and preparing a power bar with USB can solve this problem very well.

This power strip with USB charger has 2 AC outlets and 3 USB ports that can simultaneously provide power to 5 devices. Distinctive product design equipped the clock show and also Bluetooth audio function. In addition to charging smartphones and tablet computers, there is likewise an alarm clock and Bluetooth audio feature that customer takes pleasure in songs functioning.

power strip with USB charger

The quick charge power strip with a distinct functional design has 2 AC outlets and 3 USB ports. There are three USB specs to choose from. Top with wireless charging function, several charging functions can power approximately six devices concurrently.

JEOSTORM Compact Power Strip

Hotel Room Desk

Some guests need to stay at the hotel because of business trips. After returning to the hotel room, they usually need to use the hotel room desk to continue working and charge these devices at night. Therefore, hotels can place a high watt power strip on the desk to power multiple devices for customers.

This electric power strip tower is equipped with 11 AC outlets and 2 USB smart charging ports,  rated power of 1250w with a 900J surge protector. With overload protection and surge protection, achieve safe electricity for the customer.

Different from other round towers, this square power strip tower is designed into a vertical square design. The unique rectangular base occupies the smallest desk space but fully uses the upper room. The power strip has 4 USB ports and 10 AC sockets; built-in surge and overload protection provide you with comprehensive protection. Shell uses PC and ABS, which are flame-retardant. Please rest assured to use it boldly.

In the final analysis, the number of sockets in a hotel room can determine customer satisfaction, an easy way to add convenience to travelers and increase hotel repeat occupancy rate.

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