How To Choose From Different Types Of Decorative Power Strip For Your Home

There are all kinds of home appliances and smart devices in our home that make our life easier. These devices are not only functional but to be exquisite and decorate your home like furniture. However, more electronics mean more cable clutters. These cables will turn our tidy spaces into clutter. So an excellent decorative power strip can quickly help us deal with this mess and keep every home appliance and mobile electronic on the run safely.

When picking decorative electrical power strips for your home, you need to think carefully. A best power outlet strip should have a solid performance to help us organize the power cords of those appliances and need to have a good-looking appearance without making the power strip appear obtrusive. And also need to learn to choose different decorative power strips for various scenes in our family.

Suitable Power Strip For Parlor

The most common place we stay at home is the living room, and also we usually receive our friends in the living room. It’s wise to be sure that there are ample sockets available, we can place an electrical outlet power strip next to the sofa, next to the table, and some corners. At the same time, a wall mount for power strip needs to be installed under the TV cabinet to supply power to our TV, audio, and other equipment.

This wall mounted power strip has 3 AC outlets, 3 USB-A, and 1 USB-C port, back equipped mounting holes. We can easily and conveniently use the blank space on the wall, will the power strip installed horizontally or vertically on the wall. Safely and conveniently power our equipment.

M034KT wall mounted power strip

And you can place this power strip with USB charger on our coffee table, and we can set up this power strip tower with ten sockets, 4 USB ports, and a wireless charger on the table. No matter how many devices, there are enough outlets to power them. If you or your guests want to charge the device without dragging the power cord, you can put it on the wireless charger on the top to charge instantly.


Suitable Power Strip For Kitchen Appliances

A kitchen is where many electrical appliances are stored in our families, such as rice cookers, coffee machines, toasters, and other equipment. But the plugs and cords of these devices are exposed to wall sockets; messy cables create a cluttered environment. Once the wall socket is splashed with water, it is easy to leak electricity and cause safety hazards.

To solve the problem of exposed sockets in the kitchen, you can prepare this outlet cover with power strip. It can prevent our wall sockets from being splashed with water. It can conceal behind the kitchen equipment, neater.

This electrical outlet power strip with 3 outlets can not only be placed in the kitchen. We can also use it in some corners of the family. You can use it to conceal the ugly and insecure wall sockets, and the prolonged sockets and various cords can be hidden in the edges, making the room extra clean and tidy.

M03B Kitchen contrast

Suitable Bedside Table Power Strip For Room

You need to check the placement of your bed first and consider your usage habits in the room, which will help you place outlet locations that meet those needs. For example, do you need to charge your phone, Bluetooth earphone, or a desk lamp somewhere close to your nightstand? I believe that most people will power their multiple devices when they sleep, and a bedside table power strip can help us provide a suitable power supply for our mobile devices.

You can consider this alarm clock power strip with Bluetooth speakers to meet the above needs. It with two outlets and, three USB ports, a large screen showing the time on the front. You can also use it to set alarms, play music, etc. There is no need to constantly turn on your phone to check the time and set alarms, and you can add a lovely and functional decoration power strip to your bedroom.

Z04UC alarm clock power strip

Best Power Strip For Home Studio

Most family members have a dedicated studio or game room where much equipment is stored, such as display screens, computer hosts, mobile phones, game consoles, and even printers, stereos, and other equipment. These devices all need multiple sockets for power supply, and a power strip tower can solve this problem very well. And it has a variety of charging protection features that can protect your valuable equipment from overload and surge protection.

This power strip tower with surge protector is different from the circular towers power strip; Its unique square design takes up less space on the desktop and can be placed in tight spaces. This power strip has 10 AC sockets, 4 USB ports, and two independent power switches on the top. It adopts 6-foot-long heavy-duty 14 AWG pure copper wire and supports up to 1875W. Electric power strips surge protectors and overload protection you with comprehensive protection. The shell uses PC and ABS, which are flame-retardant. Let you rest assured to use it boldly.

FT12 Power Strip Power Surge Protector

Choosing different types of decorative power strip for our home can provide a variety of functions to make us more convenient to use and beautify the home environment without making our power strips look out of place.

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