How Do I know If My Power Strip Is A Surge Protector?

Power Strip Power Surge Protector with USB Ports

Power strip and surge protector are often known as twin sisters in the technology world. Wait….. do you think so? If you think so then you are somewhat right. Although both look alike, they have clear differences. Common questions arise in your mind, what is a surge protector? And what is a power strip? Are all power strips are surge protectors?

So don’t be confuse either (if you saw the power strip) it is a power strip or surge protector, I clearly define the differences between the power strip and surge protector. Whenever you look at a power strip and it made you confuse, you can easily differentiate either it is a power strip or a surge protector. But how? Let’s dive into confusion and explain how can you differentiate the difference between the two. Here you should keep in mind that there are some points before judging the difference between the two. Obviously, this power strip guide will help you a lot.

Some light on a surge protector and power strip

Power strip and surge protector are basically extension cords that expand your wall’s outlet. If you are sitting in the last corner of the room and the wall outlet is at the first corner then it is only a power strip or surge protector that facilities you at your sitting points.

They actually offer you a number of outlets. You can plugin your all devices, whether it is a microwave oven, curling rod, hairdryer, refrigerator, gaming console, entertainment system, and so on. But there is little difference between the power strip and surge protector.

Really the difference exists between power strips and surge protectors?

People often combine the surge protector and power strip because of their same look. Terribly they look alike. You go to the shop and buy a surge protector but when you go back home, you find it power strip. Really pathetic situation! The power strip is simply an extension box having multiple outlets. On the other hand surge protector is also an extension box but with clamping power.

Clamping power is a strange term to you? No no, I’m here to expel your confusion. The clamping power absorbs the extra jolts and jerks of the electricity which can be fatal for your expensive devices. For remote areas or thunderstorms areas, you should consider for a surge protector. It will save your devices from the power storm and flickering.

How can you know either your power strip is a surge protector or simply an extension cord

You can check out through various ways that either your power strip is the surge protector or not. Let me explain some points.

Heating capacity

Heating capacity sounds queer to some users. You can plug t.v, digital clock, fan, the cooling system into the power strip. But when you tried to plug heating items such as an electric skillet, toaster, heater, hairdryer, and the same items, you can lose your items. What I said you will surely lose your all devices. Because heating items heat up the power strip which causes circuit breaks. Whenever you find your extension box is getting warm, instantly unplug your devices because it is power strip that has no surge protection.

Note: power strip, as well as surge protector, can be hazardous if they are put under rugs, or behind cupboards.

Name of protection/suppressed is mentioned / protection light

If your house is surrounding by a variety of power strip, then obviously you are in confusion. The confusion is how to examine your power strip has surge protection. Often there is a protection light on the surge protector, so if you find it on your power strip then you have a power strip surge protector.

Surge protector power strip

Rating in joules

If your power strip has rating in joules then it is a power strips with surge protectors. And if it has not it is a just power strip. Because power strip has no rating in joules.

Surge suppressor 

Do your extension box has surge suppressor features? How can you check that it has surge suppressor ability? Simply check out the below side of your extension box. There you will find all details of the extension cord, you are using. Complete information is also available on the packing box. By examining the surge suppressor qualities you will be able to find either your power strip has surge protection qualities or not. Simple solution!

Energy absorption capacity

It is a not difficult task to examine whether the power strip has energy absorption qualities or not. Because power strips are devoid of this feature (and surge protector is providing you). It is the surge protector that offering you the clamping voltage or energy absorption power. By checking the curtain of the extension box you will be able to differentiate the power strip or surge protector.

Response time

If the power box you are using has a response time to the power storm then obviously it is a surge protector. Or if the extension box has no specific response time to electric thunder then it is a power strip. You don’t need to worry about how can you distinguish your extension cord.

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Bottom line

The bottom line is that you can easily find out either your house extension box is a power strip or a surge protector. I explained in detail how can you examine the characteristics of the two. You are now able to find out your power box clearly that what is actually it is. This guide about power strips and surge protectors will help you out to distinguish the qualities of the two. If you like my piece of paper please share it with your near and dear tech-lover friends. Happy reading!

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