How Do I Choose The Best Power Strip?

Use scenario 1 of 3-way installable power board with USB port

Gone are the days when you have to wait to plug in your three devices at the same time in one outlet. We are not living in the 1970’s era, in modern times, everyone has desktops, computers, cell phones, Wireless Bluetooth, and the like peripheral devices. But unfortunately, in our room, there are only two outlets. In this overwhelming condition, power strips help us to attach numerous devices at one time. So do you know about choose best power strip? And if your answer is yes, then how much information you have under your belt?  

Being the owner of many devices you often choose the wrong power strip for your costly devices. Choosing the correct extension code obviously gives you peace of mind and the safety of your devices. An extension cord is a box of outlets that provides you the chance to attach more than two devices at the same time. It is using in offices, homes, construction buildings to deliver electric current to attach devices. Now the question is how can you choose a good socket? Sounds confusing? No no, my beloved readers, I’m here to expel your confusion and help you out to check our tested multi outlet power strip.

Which appliances you can attach with the power strip

Commonly, you can insert a lot of appliances such as desktops, computers, blow dryers, curling rods, cell phones, tablets, laptops, t.v, washing machines, workbench tools, laptops, kitchen appliances, and the like items.

How can you choose the best power strip which meets your need

Choosing a power strip is an easy task, but choosing the right one is not an easy task.  Many of us assume that power strips include surge protection. Do you think so? If yes then you are in the wrong direction. Check out the difference between power strip and surge protector. Power strips rarely contain surge protection. I’m going to guide you, how can you choose the best extension cord.

Firstly consider do you need a power strip

First of all, make sure, that you are in shortage of outlets. After finding the scarcity of outlets in your room( as we all love the privacy and not want to share our room outlets with any other person) go to market and find out the best power strip. Now again, the question is how can you find out the best one. Wait…..I’m here to help you choose the best extension code.

Find out the multiple outlets

When you visit any site or market, prefer that power strip which has numerous outlets. The more the outlets, the more the attachment of the device in it. You can watch the movie, you can charge your mobile, you can even use a curling rod to make yourself beautiful. These all peripheral devices are attachable with an extension code because it has a number of outlets.

The power strip should have authentic certification

Don’t buy a cheap and Low safety power strip. Always go for high-quality power strips because they will not damage your devices thoroughly. Before buying any electric item, you should recheck whether it is UL certified or not. If not, don’t buy it and don’t waste your money.

High quality shell material

Before purchasing, observe the quality of the shell. The power strip contains tin phosphor bronze which saves them from fire. It has modern look as well.

Fireproof material power strip

The function of the power strip

All power strips in the market look Alike, but in the function, they are very from each other. You before buying read and research your desire power strip thoroughly.

Unique Design

Some power strips are designed specifically for the medical field, some for workbench tools, and some for home. They all are different in design and features from one another.

Length of the Extension Cord

It is you who can determine the length of the extension cord. The length is very from one to another. You can buy an according to your need.

Outlet configuration 

Power strip possesses a variety of outlet configurations. For example, front-facing, rear-facing, standard, end-mounted, and right-angle outlets.

Power strip with safety features

Some power strips have safety features like GFCI models which offer you safety in the case of the electric circuit. In those areas where water is present, the GFCI model instantly disconnects the electrical circuit, or in case of overloading 15- or -20-amp circuit breaker which obviously prevents overloading.

Which types of equipment you want to attach

It is totally your need that compels you to buy a power strip. Either you want it for the entertainment system, medical gadgets, in a clinic or hospital, household appliances, cosmetic products, or workbench tools.

Warranty card in case of failure.

Before buying a power strip make sure it has a warranty offer. Because warranty will save you from heavy damage.

Buy a power strip that has unique features.

Does the power strip have unique features? Sounds unfamiliar? Yes, there are several unique features which you should keep in mind before buying it. Wall-mounted ability, USB ports, energy efficiency, off automatically during moist or water are some of the many unique features which rarely people know.

Z04UC White audio grade power strip

Electrical rating

Before buying you should check the electrons rating of the power strip. It means how much energy it can absorb before it stops working. It is important to depend upon the devices you want to plug into the outlet.

How the JEOSTORM tested power strips

The power strips on our website are thoroughly tested by our engineers, and test editors. Besides, we conduct surveys, researching markets, talk with product managers, and by our own experience. We tested the power strips in kitchens, family rooms, workplaces, and offices, before adding them to our website. JEOSTORM tests the Circuit grounding through Sperry instruments. You can find out the best of the best power strips and power strip tower on our website.

JEOSTORM is serving you 24/7

JEOSTORM is offering its services 24/7 and giving you peace of mind. We are providing reliable electric services and products as compared to our other competitors in the market. Want to take our services? No need to shy, just give us a call at +86 139 2463 3006 or mail us JEOSTOR is priding to help you at your doorstep.

Final verdict 

To wrap up the discussion, through this piece of paper I direct you in the right direction. I explained clearly what is the power strip and how it works. All points I mentioned above you should consider before making a purchase. All in all a power strip is not merely an electric extension but also provides a better lifestyle.

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Hello, I’m Lisa Liu, the author of this article and the general manager of Jeostorm. I have been engaged in power strip foreign trade sales for more than 21 years, and I am very familiar with power strip products and the market. I like to share my knowledge of power strip to our company's website, hope this article can help you.


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