How Do I Choose A Best Power Strip Surge Protectors?

Most of us have lost a number of costly equipment due to power spike or lighting issues at some point. Wait…. do you lose your devices too from a power spike? Sounds said! But you can save your future devices from power storm by inserting them into your best power strip surge protector.

 When it comes to choosing a surge protector, the most expensive is not mean to be the best. So what’s the surge protection actually? Surge protection basically protects your devices from power storm by sacrificing their components time and again. Courtesy of the surge protector. For maximum safety of your devices, you should choose the best power strip surge protector.

JEOSTORM FT12 best power strip surge protectors

What is a surge protector?

A surge protector is an extension box that expands your wall’s outlet to facilitate you. Although people misunderstand that the surge protector and the power strip are twin sisters. But I clarify (although they awfully look-alike) the differences between the two here. Its greatest advantage is its protection capacity from abrupt power stress.

Why do you choose the power strip with a surge protector?

You want to extend your device’s life duration. Do you not want it? To be honest, every person on this planet wants the safety or security of his gadgets. So you need a power strips with surge protector to make your products safe and secure from power storms.

Which items you can hook into the surge protector

As you know, any items whether it is a digital clock worth $20 or home theater products worth $5,000 are prone to sudden power spikes. These power spikes can force you to junk your theater system or spend a handful amount to repair it. As you know small lighting storms occur in our homes due to vaccume cleaner, motors, refrigerators, and gradually cause serious damage.

Any valuable things you want to save from power spikes can be hooked into the surge protector. Whether it is a computer, desktop, laptop, dishware, microwave, home theater system, digital clock, cosmetic beauty gadgets, and so on. If you’re living in rural areas where plenty of storms occurs, you should have a surge protector for the protection of your product.

How do you choose a good surge protector that meets your needs?

Having surge protection is not enough. Having a reliable surge protector is necessary to overcome the power storm. So before you purchase any surge protector, you should keep in mind the following points. Which points? Stay relax, I’m here to elaborate on these points.

Items you want to hook

It essential that before purchasing a surge protector you should be clear about what you want to hook into it. Surge suppressors are of many types and in different price ranges. You are going to invest some money, so you should be careful about the surge protector you’re buying.

 I recommend you buy two-stage surge protection(saves your t.v, computer, laptop, cell phones,  etc).


Some surge successor provides you a warranty state of the failure to provide safety and security to your gadgets. So before, buying check out their warranty cards.

Voltage absorption capacity

Voltage absorption means before failure how much energy it can absorb. The higher the energy absorption power the better it is. More than 6, 700 joules is better to buy. I recommend the one that has a rate of 2,000 joules.

Clamping voltage

Clamping voltage helps out the surge suppressor to absorb the energy. Consider something below or up to 400 V. Above the 400 is not appropriate in any condition. The lower the better.

Response time

Before buying a surge protector you should figure out whether it has mention response time or not. Always buy one that has response time. The lower the response time the better it is. I recommend 1nanosecond response time or less than 1 nanosecond.

Number of ports

It is commonly misunderstood that surge protector has some 8, 10 ports. Wrong. My favorite one is 11 ports surge protection power strip tower.

tower power strip with usb Use scenario 2

Certified and UL seal

It should be certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratory or meets UL 1449(it can absorb the right amount of energy at right time).

Has enough space between outlets

The surge suppressor has enough space between the outlets than power strips. You can easily rotate or move the switches. So buy one that has wider space between the ports.

USB with amps 

Fortunately, surge suppress has a USB facility to ease its users. Now you don’t need to use wall warts. 1A or 2A amp is best to charge your phones quickly.

Want to buy from an authentic source?

Have a surge suppressor is not enough, buying it from an authentic source is worthy. JEOSTORM is offering you the best and warranty outlet power strips as well as a surge protector here. JEOSTORM is serving customer needs since 1995. With more than 250 employees it is delivering power strips, surge protector, USB power boards at your doorstep. Just give us a call at +86 139 2463 3006 or what’s app us.

You can approach us by sending an email at It is your trust that made us a world-leading company in power strips, surge protector. Besides, our intelligent designer team is producing innovative and affordable products for you.

Rest things to consider

If you plug your surge protector into an old or improper wire it won’t protect your gears. Consider buying an affordable electrical outlet tester. This tester shows you if there is any problem with the wire before inserting your costly devices in it. In this case, just call our electrician to amend the misfired outlets.

You can also consider whole house surge protection in your house’s breaker panel. An average homeowner can afford this offer.

Bottom line

Any old surge protector is best while having not at all. It should be your first priority to buy a surge suppressor if you are living in rural or thunderstorm areas(because your A/C, refrigerator, computers are more vulnerable to power spikes). I’m telling it is very necessary for your costly gears to have a surge protector. They are affordable and obviously would safeguard your devices. If you like my piece of paper please share it with your near and dear tech lovers. Happy reading!

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