Power Strip Manufacturer Factory: products sufficient to satisfy customers

What kind of products can meet the needs of the market and customers? This problem has plagued purchasers for a long time; especially the Internet products are dazzling. Purchasers don’t know how to choose the right products and reliable power strip manufacturer factory.

JEOSTORM Tower Power Strip

Therefore, I have compiled four questions that purchasers are most concerned about and confused about how to choose power strip products and give you the most objective answer in this article.

How to understand market demand?
Manufacturers and Suppliers
Who needs a power strip manufacture factory?
Why choose your power strip manufacture factory?

How To Understand Market Demand?

If you want to choose a power strip that suits the market and customer needs, you first need to divide the products into two categories. One is the power strip outlet product type that favors ordinary appearance and function. The second is the tower power strips with rich functions and unique shape. Then there are two types of customer groups: home type and office type. The use in different scenarios different kinds of products, and the specifications of the products are also other. When customer needs are distinguished, product positioning is more accurate. The last thing is to understand the difference in popularity of different types of products through product sales to avoid many problems.

After understanding the product categories and customer groups, you need to choose the right products. But choosing goods also requires finding a suitable supplier. A good supplier can provide high-quality products, perfect after-sales, and affordable prices; the improving quality can save you a lot of trouble.

Manufacturers And Suppliers

People often can’t tell the difference between manufacturers and suppliers in the market. They are completely different and have different advantages.

Manufacturers can be suppliers, but suppliers are not necessarily manufacturers. Manufacturers have their independent factories. They are responsible for R&D, design, production and manufacturing. At the same time, the products they produce have a certain degree of research. Market research, customer popularity, and product research must be conducted when researching and developing a product. With enough competition, they will focus on research and development so that manufacturers will be more professional.

Who Needs A Power Strip Manufacture Factory?​

People who have no experience in importing
Importing from overseas involves too many complicated aspects, like sourcing the right suppliers, following up production, product testing and quality control, dealing with shipping, etc.

Large retailers, supermarkets
Taking supermarket chains as an example, they need a lot of quantity; Some supermarkets require changes to the logos on products. These dealers can only sell existing products, cannot customize logo engraving, and the prices vary widely.

The power strip manufacturer factory can support some customization and the choice of a socket charging port. And sufficient supply, and fast delivery, the price is much cheaper than the dealer’s price.

Why Choose Your Power Strip Manufacture Factory?

1:We have our factories and product labs, and the product passes multiple tests by engineers and test editors, and we also conduct surveys, research the market, and talk to product managers based on our own experience. We tested extension sockets in kitchens, family rooms, workplaces and offices before adding them to our website. JEOSTORM test circuit ground through Sperry Instruments. Aftermarket consideration, the unique design and multi-function can better meet the needs of market consumers.

2: There are socket holes in different countries; special holes in the American standard hole, British standard hole, Australian standard hole and universal hole are suitable for sockets in other countries; And there are certification certificates, such as ETL certification, GCC certification.

3: The product’s appearance has a patented design, and it has a very creative design. Very popular in the home and office furniture and supports OEM and ODM, can engrave your logo or other personalization on the product.

4: JEOSTORM is offering its services 24/7 and giving you peace of mind. We provide reliable services and products compared to our other competitors and a professional team to serve you. We deliver the message to you in fluent English, which greatly reduces the communication cost.

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Hello, I’m Lisa Liu, the author of this article and the general manager of Jeostorm. I have been engaged in power strip foreign trade sales for more than 21 years, and I am very familiar with power strip products and the market. I like to share my knowledge of power strip to our company's website, hope this article can help you.


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