Do You Really Need A Surge Protector?


Why do you really need the power strip with surge protector? Are you looking for your house’s equipment security? Summer is approaching us, so is a thunderstorm. The weather changed after few minutes, where sometimes cool breezing and sometimes heavy storm. During the summers and winters storm, we rush to unplug all our electronics to avoid any significant loss.

 Don’t worry. I’m here o wipe out all your problems, queries, and confusion regarding the surge protector. You need to safeguard your costly electronics from power spikes. That is the reason you really need the power strip with surge protector to ensure devices’ safety from a power socket. I’m diving into the technology ocean and will explain what the surge protector is and why you seriously need it in your houses.

What is a surge protector?

A surge protector is an artificial extension of your wall outlet. If you hooked all your devices in the socket, it would increase your product’s lifespan. We inherited surge protector in our latest technology and surely need in our hoses and offices as well. But don’t be confused with a power strip as well as a surge protector. I explained in detail the differences between the two. Now the question arises, is surge protector existed in ancient times? Do you think too?

Wait….. I’m here with satisfying answers. In today’s era, we are using innovative technology that is more prone to power spikes than the ancient machinery, which was less prone to damage. Microprocessors are an integral part of computer technology as well as many other home appliances (gaming consoles, desktops, laptops, t.v). These items cannot resist the power spike if they are not inserted in the socket. These all items work properly if they receive a moderate voltage of the current.

 In remote areas during thunderstorms, light plays the on-off game with natives. Specifically, in these areas, you really need the surge protector to save your electronic life. Basically, we all know that water runs from outward to downward. Similarly, electric current works like water flow from high voltage to low voltage (voltage is the scale which measures the electric current). If the voltage lasts more than 3 nanoseconds, it becomes a power surge. This power surge can heat up the wire and make it useless.

What does the power strip with surge protector do?

The surge protector actually detects the current disruption. But it cannot save your devices from frequent current jolts. In that situation, it is better to unplug your devices from the surge protector or unplug the socket switch.

Note: Always buy a surge protector with indicator light. It will tell you whether the surge protector is functioning right or not. Telephone and cable lines can cause power storms because they carry current. So it would be best if you used those surge protectors having a phone-line input jack and cable line surge protector.

Why is the surge protector necessary?

Which device is most dear to you? Your computer, your t.v, or stereo system? Obviously, most people prefer the computer, because it is the bank of your personal information, your childhood memories, and the like. If by the light Jerk it stops working, would it painful for you? If you really want to secure the computer data, you have to buy a surge protector power strip. A surge protector will benefit your devices.

  • Now no need to worry about when you should use it. You can use it at any moment. The interesting question is what you should insert in it. Ummm, table lamp, standing fan? No, no, you buy it for your costly devices like gaming consoles, laptops, desktops, entertainment gadgets.
  • You need a surge protector for high electronic equipment. Such as entertainment gadgets.
  • To observe the electric current or clamping voltage.
  • Surge protector acts as a buffer between your devices and the coming electric current to your devices. It diverts the extra energy to the ground by grounding wire.
  • It is providing you with storm safety from all storms(whether they are electric or thunderstorms).
Z02UC series surge protection

How can you choose the best surge protectors?  

It isn’t easy to find a good surge protector that will meet your device’s requirements. Oh, sounds confuse? Some surge protectors in the market are too expensive to access. While some are very affordable. Is there any difference we don’t know?  Let me wash your confusion and break down the topic for clear understanding. JEOSTORM is providing you with a wide range tower power strip with surge protection of the collection’s to facilitate you.

Indicator light 

An indicator light tells you whether your surge protector is working well or not. If not, it’s time to buy a new surge protector to ensure the safety of your device.

Surge suppressor

Buy the surge protectors that have the power to suppress the power spike as some power strips cannot handle the power spike.

Observe clamping voltage

You should check the clamping voltage mean before buying. Because clamping voltage away from the jolts and flickering of current from plugged devices. The lower the clamping voltage, the better the protection of your device. Below 400 is considered the best clamping voltage for home-usage.

Response time

Response time of the surge protectors reveals the detection level of the devices. Ideally, you should purchase a surge protector that has 1 nanosecond response time.

Best recommendation

If you are still in confusion that which is the best surge protector for home appliances or office needs, don’t worry, you can find the best of the best  surge protector on our website.  We are making sure for budget-minded people to purchase our best collection of surge protectors to secure their expensive items.

Final verdict

To wrap up the discussion, the surge protector is the basic need of every house, office, and building. No one can negate its importance. In this post, I told you why it is necessary.  Although surge protectors do not stop power spike; instead it controls the power storm to make the devices safe and secure. A surge protector is a valuable asset which every home should possess. Because it is a guard against high voltage and extends the life period of your devices. If you like my piece of paper please share it with your near and dear tech lovers. Happy reading. For more valuable content visit our website.

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