Best Power Strip Tower With USB-C ports In 2021

Does the power strip tower with USB-C sound strange to you? Unhearing word? Don’t be confused, I’m here to expel your confusion. Power strip tower is a portable and small device that can charge up to 6 or more than six devices at once. It is the best source of charge, be these are home appliances or cell phones. Power strip tower is best for home or office usage. It is made up of smart technology and space-oriented. Power strip tower detects the devices and delivers charge according to the devices’ need.

JEOSTORM Tower Power Strip

It also provides your costly devices surge protection from power spikes. Cool feature, isn’t it? It comes in a variety of designs. And you can choose one of them which suits your space and desk. Today, the power strip tower comes with USB ports and surge protection. Because I tested a broad range to find out the best one. USB power strips power outlet to surge protection is vary in their capabilities. But stop….before buying consider my valuable three buying points.

  • Number of outlets
  • Safety and security
  • Size

How we tested these power strip towers
The power strips tower in this article has been thoroughly tested by our engineers and team editors. And we made surveys, researched the markets, speak with engineers and product managers, and most important use our own experience to determine the best choices.

We tested these power strip towers in Kitchens, in living room, in the bedrooms, in the workshops, and in offices. And we evaluated their features, usages, and how they work in different situations. I myself used Sperry instruments outlets tester to check out the circuit grounding when it has faulty wiring. Are you in need of the best power strip tower with USB ports and surge protector, chances are there, you will find it in our list. And most probably the selected one will your need.

1) Power Strip Power Surge Protector with USB Ports
It is the unique one that will surely, is the best option for you. Here are its nice features.
Vertical design
It is space-oriented as we compared to round space tower. So it can adjust even in narrow space as well. The bottom surface is of vertical design that allows you to gain proper advantages from the upper part. So it is the best power strip tower for narrow spaces. Click the picture here to buy.
USB charging station tower
Does your battery is running out? This is the most terrible situation and the above-mentioned power strip is easing you through 3.0A/ports. So, it quickly charging your phone.


Provides surge protection
It also provides surge protection to your expensive devices. Because it is FCC Certificated and provides 1080J protection against power spike or in case of overloading, over-current, over-heating. Cool option, isn’t it?
2 individual switches plus 10 AC outlets
It is offering you 2 individual switches option for energy saving. so you can switch it off when you are not using it. It has two indicator lights as well.
Durable and reliable
Because it is made of flame-retardant high-grade PC fireproof material. So it has heat dissipation capacity because of its 6-foot 14AWG 15A heavy-duty power cord made of high-quality pure copper core.

2) Power Strip Tower with Wireless Charger
so, it is the other best option if you’re looking for a power strip tower with Wireless Charger. And it has multiple slots. Therefore, it can charge a number of devices. Power strip with wireless charger has unique surge protection of 900J for attached devices as well. So, it is in black as well as in white color.
Compatible with versatile devices
And it can charge up to 15 devices at the same. Because of its 10AC/sockets and 4 USB ports. And each socket is designed to its specific switch. You can say every switch with a separate turn-on/off button. It is a built-in wireless charger on the top with 10W/ 7.5W/ 5W, compatible with all devices.


Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL), DoE Ⅵ, FCC, certified
It is a certified power strip so you can buy it without any worry. We will not let your amount ruin. And it has a secure safe position in various tests including Temperature Protection, Short-circuit Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Reset Protection, drop test, humid heat test, and so on. I’m ensuring you that having this one in your home will never let you worry.

3) Round Power Strip with 3 USB
The rounded switches power strip tower can charge six devices at the same time. Because of its two USB ports facility. It has 11 AC outlets as well. It has 1250 rated power in case of emergencies like surge protection, overload, overcurrent, and overvoltage. We made it with phosphor bronze with 4 feet 14AWG power cord.

tower power strip with usb Use scenario 2

About Jeostorm
Jeostorm is an emerging large company in China. We have our proud and successful past. We deliver our durable and reliable power strip to our known customers including, Vextron, Portronics, Lenovo, Cord Tech, Anchor Panasonic, Supreme, and the like companies. And the brand names showing our trusted power strips as compared to our competitors. Do you want to buy our authentic power strip too? Don’t be shy. Just give us a call at +86 139 2463 3006 or email us at We are shipping our power strip throughout the world. Be it America, India, Middle East, or Canada. Also, check our these items as well.

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Hello, I’m Lisa Liu, the author of this article and the general manager of Jeostorm. I have been engaged in power strip foreign trade sales for more than 21 years, and I am very familiar with power strip products and the market. I like to share my knowledge of power strip to our company's website, hope this article can help you.


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