JEOSTORM Power Strip For Guest Room Bedside Table

Power Strip For Guest Room Bedside Table

In addition to being equipped with a clean environment and comfortable beds, high-end hotel rooms should also pay attention to the decoration of the bedside table. But most hotels have only one or two wall sockets near the bedside table, far from enough for many customers. A power strip for guest room bedside table can provide customers with additional charging ports and have other different functions. You can choose from JEOSTORM’s table top power strip, power strip with fast charge USB, wall mountable power strips, and other equipment to decorate your bedside table.

hotel nightstand power strip​

Our hotel nightstand power strip​ is a great way to decorate your bedside table and keep it from monotonous; add extra hotel outlets to guest rooms. Let guest room customers have a better charging experience and improve their satisfaction with the hotel.

Suitable For Hotel Room Use Nightstand Power Strip

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