20 Things Never To Plug Into A Power Strip

power strip has made our life easy. In this age, our lives run on electricity, no matter you live in rural areas or in urban, but electricity is the main component of our lives. Am I wrong? No, I’m telling the bitter truth of our lives. We have phones, we have laptops, tablets, beauty cosmetics, refrigerator, microwave oven, juicer machine, and so on.

And all these items do you know what demand to run? They cannot run if they are not charged, or if you don’t plug them into electrical outlets. So we all know, there are not enough outlets in our homes to charge all these items. Check out our latest collection.

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To handle this situation power strip outlet were introduced in the market. And now every other home has a power strip to charge the items. In addition, they have some precautions that if not followed can give you heavy damage. Here is the list of items you should not plug into the power strip (although there are a lot but some are specific which should avoid plugging into the power strip). Here are the best tower power strips.

1) Microwaves
Microwaves are heavy machines. They have a heavy heat system. Because we used microwave for cooking, preparing, thawing, and reheating foods. So you should not it inserted into the power strip. If you do you will lose your item once and forever.

2) Hairdressing Appliances
As we all know hairdressing appliances required a heavy amount of energy to heat. Curling wand, hairdryer, and flat irons provide too much heat. So power strips are devoid of secure amperage and they can put you in trouble if you attach them to them. All these items that required too much energy to hot should be inserted into the wall outlets directly.

3) Refrigerator and freezer
These products pull heavy current from power strips due to their on and off cycling. And obviously, this will soon overload the power strip and that is not safe for items. You should plug them into directly into wall outlets to avoid any damage.

4) Slow cooker
Slow cooker demands continuous energy. Slow-motion energy but without any break. This will overheat the power strip and as a result fail to deliver this energy. Oh said, to avoid it plug the slow cooker into wall outlets directly.
5) Space heater
Like all other items space heaters also contain on/off cycle and demand a tremendous amount of energy. And do you think the power strip will supply continuous energy without any damage? If you’re thinking then you are at fault. They must directly put into the wall outlet.

6) Another power strip
Inserting one power strip that has multiple appliances attached to it is dangerous. What I said it is dangerous. Failure of one power strip is the failure of your costly items. It will bring the scarcity of energy.
7) Toaster
Like all items, the toaster contains wires that required energy. The energy of tremendous amount. If you attach the toaster into the power strip it will hell your items permanently. It should also plug into a wall outlet.

8) Coffee maker
As we all know Coffee maker demands continuous energy until you off it. Although it seems too much lightweight but in reality, it is not. Most coffee makers need a high ampere to turn the coffee beans into hot liquid. And all this possible without heavy heat? So power strips cannot guarantee to deliver enough energy. Plug it directly into a wall outlet.
9) Air Conditioners and Portable Heaters
Air Conditioners and Portable Heaters use on/off cycle design. So they require a large amount of energy when they are switched on. So this can overheat the power strip. And plug it directly into a dedicated wall outlet.

10) Sump Pumps
We often use sump Pumps in flooding events. And we all know most power strips are not designed to sustain in wet or watery areas. Rather than for sump pumps use a GFCI outlet that is installed above the surface if a flood occurs.
11) Air Compressors
We considered air Compressors household helpers. Specifically for ambitious DIYer. But no one knows that they draw a heavy amount of energy when they switched on. And sudden flicker in light can cause the failure of the Air Compressors.
12) Indoor Power Strips in Outdoors should not be used
Don’t try to use an indoor power strip on outdoor activities. The package raper contains whether it is suited for outdoor activities or not. Don’t try to use it blindly.

Air Compressors are household helpers. Specifically for ambitious DIYers. But no one knows that they draw a heavy amount of energy when they switched on. And sudden flicker in light can cause the failure of the Air Compressors.
12) You should not use Indoor Power Strips in Outdoors
Don’t try to use an indoor power strip on outdoor activities. Because they are not specifically made for outdoor activities. You can check the package whether it is suited for outdoor activities or not. So don’t try to use it blindly.

13) Entertainment system
We love our entertainment system whether it is a gaming console, music system, laptops, or the like items. Any sudden jolt in energy will cause you hundreds of dollars. So do not attach them to the power strip.
14) Small Kitchen Appliances
Small Kitchen Appliances need too much energy, just their weight is small. In their function, they are not kind because they draw heavy current from the extension cord. If it overheated it will be fire or circuit breaker failure.
15) T.V
T.v needs a heavy current to run. So avoid inserting it into the power strip. Otherwise, it will damage it.

16) A. C and cooling machines
As the name reveals both draw tremendous current when they startup. If you plug these items into it, it will surely overheat it, and as a result power failure or items failure. You should not installed these products directly into wall outlets.
17) Install more outlets than multiple power strips
If you are using multiple power strips in your house to increase the number of outlets, then you should hire an electrician. He will increase wall outlets which is better for multiple power strips.
18) Motors or heavy machines
Motos or heavy machines draw too much energy because they take time to do the work. So, you should not used these products in the power strip. Rather you should use the wall outlets.

19) Iron
If you attached your iron into it and start pressing your clothes. But there appears a sudden Jerk in light and the iron is damaged. Oh, heavy loss.
20) sewing machine
Do not insert a sewing machine switch in it. Because sewing machines also draw a heavy amount of energy so any flicker in light can cause machine failure.

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