Universal Extension Socket Offers Best Charging Experience For Hotel Customers

After a day of travelling, meetings, and play, hotel guests’ phones and tablets are almost depleted. The first thing they do when they check into a hotel room is to charge these devices. But these customers may be from all over the world, and their adapters may not necessarily fit the local socket; it’s crashing for them. In that case, universal extension socket for the hotel can perfectly solve the problem that the customer’s adapter plug is unsuitable for use, and there are enough sockets to power multiple devices simultaneously.

Travel reports in 2018 mentioned that tourist hotels should seek a way to ease travellers’ hassle, such as apps for ordering room service, universal power extension sockets that accept foreign plugs and more. Most foreign customers have problems with their adapters not being applicable. If your hotel doesn’t meet travellers’ needs, you may fall behind your competitors and miss out on your customers.

JEOSTORM offers a wide selection of universal extension board sockets to make your hotel more in line with the needs of your guests and is sure to “wow” your guests and make them even more memorable!

See how to decorate your hotel room with our universal extension socket.

Suitable For Universal Electrical Extension Socket By The Hotel Bed

This extension board with USB socket has various features: two sockets on the sides, a large screen showing the time on the front, and three USB ports on the bottom. In addition to charging mobile devices, there are alarm clocks and audio functions. You can listen to music while charging and use the alarm clock to remind customers of their essential matters.

JEOSTORM Multi Plug With USB Ports Extension Board

This 5 way power extension socket has 2 AC sockets and 3 USB ports, and multiple charging ports can simultaneously power up to five devices. The top features an air purifier with an H13 HEPA filter. It can effectively filter particles larger than 0.3 microns, such as Smoke, Pollen, Dander, Hair, and Smell. It can do 99.97% purification., which is ideal for high-end hotel rooms.

JEOSTORM Power Cube Extension Lead

This plug socket for extension lead has 2 AC outlets, 3 USB-A ports and a wireless charger. The mobile phone bracket with a wireless charging function can bring tourists the best view for watching movies and video calls and can be directly charged without preparing a mobile phone charging cable.

FT02 Bracket design

Suitable For Universal Socket Extension By The Hotel Office Desk

This tower extension switch socket is a unique tower design. It has different charging methods, including sockets, USB ports, and a wireless charger. Great for hotel multi-person rooms, it can meet customers’ charging needs of many devices; no need to worry about not having enough sockets.

714KUW Tower Extension Switch Socket

This tower multi plug socket with USB features a stylish, imaginative vertical flip design supplying 180-degree use angles. Customers do not need to worry about the socket angle when using it. They can transform each layered socket angle as you like and say goodbye to traditional socket design.

L4KU-white gray Extension Socket With Switch

JEOSTORM universal extension board allows overseas guests to easily plug in and use different power plugs. And our extension socket can support custom engraving of your hotel logo to promote your brand, and you are welcome to consult us for more related offers.

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