Vertical Power Socket With Switch And USB Ports JEOSTORM

In this Vertical Power Socket, there are three layers height options, with a fixed handle on the top more portable, and a switch on each layer, which can better control the power supply of each layer.

AC socket rated power is 2500W (250V, 10A). Smart USB ports 2.1A max / per port, 2.1A in total.

The bottom adopts a winding shrinkage design, and the length of the wire is 6.5FT.

The shell is also made of flame-retardant material; there is also an overload protection device that protects your safety at all times.

JEOSTORM Vertical Power Socket

The unique tower design can accommodate more charging devices; the top handle and the bottom wire storage make it easier to carry.

You can freely select different specifications according to your demands. This power socket with USB port features numerous sockets and USB ports. A fixed handle design on the top and a wire storage space design on the bottom is more convenient to use.

712KUT Socket
713KUT Socket
714KUT Socket
712KUW Series Power Socket With USB Port
712KUT White Gray USB Port

Smart USB Charging Ports:

This usb power socket extension equipment can quickly as well as also efficiently charge for 4 devices at the same time. Spots your devices to offer its fastest charging, single port speed up to 2.1 amps, suitable for smartphones, tablet computers, and numerous other USB devices.

Large Spacing Design

Universal power socket extension has adequate spacing on every flooring. It can accommodate plugs of different specifications simultaneously, so there is no need to worry about mutual interference when charging the devices together. Equipment rated power is 2500W (250V, 10A), ideal for charging most workplaces and houses.

712KUT White Gray Socket spacing
713KUT White Gray Portable Design

Portable Design

This tower multi plug extension with usb ​conserves many areas and various tidy cables in your workplace, contrasting to traditional power strips. 6.5ft long cable wire can be retracted by bottom shrink design; a durable handle on the top is for your easy carrying. More convenient to carry when you plan to leave home or travel

JEOSTORM Tower Round Power Outlet

A variety of high-quality, durable materials and wires, as well as various safety protections design, always pay attention to your use protection to provide you with a safe and worry-free experience.

Individual Switches:

Multi port power socket each layer is furnished with an independent power protection switch to activate and off each device. It is effortless to manage each layer. It is advantageous for conserving your safety and security, saving your powerand electrical energy bills.

712KUT White Gray Switch and LED
714KUT Black Gray Overload Protection

Safety Defense

There is an overload security button at this best power socket extension device’s end. When the working present exceeds the rated current, the button will automatically pop up and immediately cut off the power. Press the button to resume work. It can effectively stop overload and secure devices from overcurrent, overvoltage or other dangerous conditions.


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