Universal Power Socket Multi Plug Usb With Switch Jeostorm

JEOSTORM universal power socket with 4 AC Sockets + 4 USB ports+ 1 main switch ,charge to 8 devices simultaneously.
There are two versions of USB ports; one is 4 USB-A ports, 5V/3.4A output from a single port, total power 17W,One is 3 USB-A ports and 1 QC3.0 fast charging port max ​18W output from a single port, total power 35W.
Power max to 2500 watts (10A); it provides the power you need for all your appliances. at the same time, there is the main switch to control the power supply of the entire equipment, which is safe and reliable.

JEOSTORM universal power socket

Suitable for all electrical household appliances and USB powered devices can charge several devices simultaneously.

Product Feature

Strip design

Save much space

Smart USB

Detect devices automatically

Overload protection

Protect your safety

Fast Charging

Charging Devices at full speed

Custom Appearance

Suitable for multiple scenarios


Made of ABS material

Smart USB multi plug socket

The perfect combination of 4 AC outlets, 4 USB smart quick charging ports to safely power up to 8 devices from a single wall charging unit.

AC Sockets
USB Ports
W04KU 4 way extension socket white
W04KU white AC socket

AC Socket protection

This 4 gang power socket internal safety shutter can prevent objects from being inserted into the outlet, Preventing children from accidentally inserting their fingers into the socket to cause danger.

Smart USB Charging

This power socket extension with USB has two different USB specifications.
First: with a total power of 35W from 4 USB interfaces, 3 UAB-A ports maximum output is 5V/3.4A 、1 QC3.0 of 18W fast charge interface; Charging faster
Second: with a total power of 17W from 4 USB-A and 5V/3.4A output from a single port.
Intelligently detects your USB devices and provides the fastest and safest charging efficiency.

W04KUT USB and QC3.0 Ports

JEOSTORM Wall-mounted 4 way extension socket

Mounting holes on the back, you can install it on the wall at will. expand your available space.

W04KU white Main switch

Overload Protected Switch

A power socket switch can control the power of the entire device and can be turned off at any time when not in use; simultaneously overload switch will trip off automatically to protect your devices and your home when the power overload.

Fireproof Material

Multi port power socket adoption of ABS flame-retardant material shell,avoids fire hazards during use,pay attention which is very important in safety protection.

W04KUT Flame-retardant shell

Multi socket switch type power lead

Multi socket switch power cable has a total length of 6.5FT, adoption BS certification plug 3*1.0mm2 power cord. With multiple sockets and USB fast charging, it is more worry-free to use.


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