Tower Socket Multi Plug Extension Board With USB Ports JEOSTORM

This tower socket extension board with USB port has six models to choose from; up to supports 12 sockets or 6 USB ports or fast charging ports.
Vertical design: The unique square tower design can save more desktop space than ordinary power boards.
USB Ports: USB port total output 5V/3A, each port 2.4A max, intelligently recognize your device and quickly charge
There are two switches on the top to control the power supply freely. There is also an overload protection button at the bottom to protect your safety.

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JEOSTORM Tower Socket

The perfect combination of multiple sockets and USB ports, suitable for charging most workplace and home appliances.

Multi Plug Socket Tower

There are several versions to pick from, sustaining up to 12 AC outlets or 6 USB output ports, Appropriate for all electrical appliances and USB powered devices. The outlet and USB port are made use of simultaneously and will not interfere.

FT12UC Withe Grey Multi Plug Socket Tower
FT12U3 USB port

Smart USB port:

Tower extension board with USB port supply you with max 3A full-speed charging, each port 2.4A max. Via our integrated intelligent IC technology, it can automatically identify and offer full power for your equipment without damaging your equipment.

Efficient Charging:

This extension board with USB fast charging has two different charging ports: PD charging port and QC fast charging port. Outputs power 18W max, making sure quickly and safest charging your device effectively, saving you even more time.

FT12 USB Fast Charging Port

JEOSTORM Tower Extension Board

Adopts 6FT heavy-duty 14 AWG pure copper wire,which has a larger current carrying capacity and supports up to 3250W(13A, 250V) high power, multiple interfaces, multiple protections, let you use it at ease.

FT12 Overload Protection Switch

Overload Protection:

When the device is overwhelmed, the button will cut off power automatically; after removing troubles, reset the red switch to switch on the electricity. This 12 socket extension board can protect your usage safety, guard against short-circuiting, circuitry risk and overload wait safety hazards.

Energy-saving Switches:

This socket universal extension board has 2 power switches on the top; you can switch off the power at any moment when you are not in use, which can save you energy and electrical energy costs. The LED lights can also plainly see whether the power tower is functioning,  yet the LED lights will not disturb you at night.

FT12 Energy-saving Switches
FT12UC PC Shell Material

Shell Material:

The best extension board shell is PC high-grade flame-retardant material. Even if you burn the tower socket, no open fires will create fire hazards security issues.


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