Universal Spike Guard with USB-A, USB-C Ports, 15 amp, White

JEOSTORM new spike guard’s unique beveled head design gives you a brand new experience on the desktop. JEOSTORM spike guard comes with 4 universal power sockets, 3 USB-A charging ports, and 1 USB-C charging port, which can accommodate various devices from smartphones to laptops. 4 universal sockets and 4 USB ports can charge up to 8 devices at the same time.
4 USB Charging Ports
A large number of USB ports on the device allows you to easily charge or connect more devices at once.
4 Universal Sockets
The number of slots on the device can run more than one device or device at a time. Devices such as TVs, DVDs, or any other sensitive electronic devices can be operated with spike suppressors.
Material: ABS Color: White
Master overload switch
4 USB charging ports
4 universal sockets
15 amp spike guard

JEOSTORM Spike Guard

17 watts best spike guard with USB-Power Delivery provide fast charging for your USB-Type C-enabled devices.


Product Feature

USB Power Delivery


 Charger up to 75% faster


IC Technology


Detect devices automatically


Multiple Protection

Keep you and devices safe

Custom Appearance

Suitable for multiple scenarios

High Conversion


Low electricity leakage


Flame Retardant


Avoid overheating


Unique Bevel Design

The end of the 4 gang extension lead with usb has a unique and beautiful bevel design. Simple design for the concise style with 4 AC outlets and 4 USB ports, ideal for home and office and to help build an easier life.

Integrated Phosphor Bronze Sheet

The premium uses phosphor bronze to ensure high durability, and can be inserted and extracted up to 20,000 times, extending the use time. Improves conductivity and provides better power conversion.

Phosphor bronze improved conductivity by 45%
Phosphor bronze
Ordinary bronze sheet
Phosphor bronze increased conversion rate by 16%
Phosphor bronze
Ordinary bronze sheet


Resistance Test of insertion and extraction

Wide-Spaced Outlets

Power spike guard comes with 4 AC outlets, each has wide space, no worries about interfering with each other when charging various devices at the same time.


Master Switches

spike guard with switch slash your standby power consumption. Flick the master switch off, and you’ll turn off all your devices at once. Indicator light shows power on/off.

T04UC spike guard with switches
T04UC universal spike guard keyhole slots

Mountable Design

The keyhole slots on the back of the extension lead with power outlets allow you to mount it on the wall or baseboard flexibly. Anti-slip mats can keep the strip stable on the desk.


Smart USB Charging

3 smart IC USB-A ports can detect your device and deliver the optimal charging speed of up to 2.4A per port.
The spike guard with USB charger supports 17 watts power delivery USB-C port for you to charge compatible devices up to 75% faster.

T04UC universal spike guard with usb charger

Multi socket power spike guard

There are two power spike guard ​specifications for you to choose from, one is the T04U model with 4 USB-A ports, and the other is the T04UC model with 3 USB-A and 1 USB-C fast charging port.

T04UC spike guard with long wire

Wide-Spaced Outlets

With 4 AC power sockets, each AC power socket is offered a wide space, no need to worry about mutual interference when charging various devices meanwhile.

Multiple Charging

The best spike guard comes with 4 AC sockets, 3 USB-A ports, and 1 USB-C port. You can also choose to T04U model with 4 AC sockets, 4 USB-A ports. All slots are evenly distributed on each surface. You can charge up to 8 devices simultaneously from a 360-degree angle.

AC Sockets
USB-A Ports
USB-C Port
T04UC best spike guard

Multiple Security Protections and Tests









Heat Test

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T04U 4 AC Socket、4 USB-A, T04UC 4 AC Socket、3 USB-A、1 USB-C


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