Rotating Power Outlet 180 Degree With Switch And USB JEOSTORM

This rotating power socket can be rotated 180 degrees, with 4 layers of specifications to choose from, and can support up to 7 AC sockets and 2 USB ports.

AC socket rated power: 2500W(10A), rated voltage: 250V. 2 USB ports for 5V/2.1A total, single port maximum 2.1A.

Each layer is equipped with a power switch and LED indicator light to facilitate power control.

There is an overload protection button at the bottom, which can effectively prevent overvoltage, overcurrent, and overload.

JEOSTORM Rotating Power Outlet

The multi-angle rotation design is equipped with multiple sockets; you can simultaneously use the power socket at numerous angles.

This distinctly designed multiple power outlet takes on a 180 ° rotation design. There are three specs to pick from, support a minimum of 3 outlets or a maximum of 7 outlets. each layer socket with an independent power switch and LED indicator light, with an overload protection button near the bottom.

W2KU Socket
W3KU Socket
W4KU Socket
W2KU Series White Gray Multiple Power Outlet
W3KU Black Gray Rotating Power Outlet

High Power

This high-power multi plug in outlet can pick 5.9 FT(1.8 M) or 9.8 FT( 3M) cable length; the rated power is 2500W (10A), as well as the ranked voltage, is 250V. It is a multifunctional, elegant, and intelligent charging stand to satisfy all your charging demands.

Rotating Design

The socket outlet extension adoption 180-degree rotating patent axis technological, makes it can turn every section 180 degrees. It permits you to use the power socket from several more angles, change the angle as you like, say goodbye to the typical socket.

W2KU Series White Gray 180° Rotating Design
W2KU Series White Gray Socket Large Spacing

Large Spacing

The range in between the outlet holes is 4 cm; you don’t call to worry about the dimension of the plug anymore; this multi plug outlet with USB has a sizeable adequate outlet spacing to allow you to utilize much more devices plug.

Smart USB Port

With the multifunctional USB and electrical outlet internal with a smart charging IC, the charging conversion rate is more than 82%, which is much safer and will certainly not hurt your battery. The charging power of the USB port is 5V/2.1 A, and the maximum single port is 2.1 A.

W2KU Series White Gray USB Port

JEOSTORM Extension Outlet With USB

It supports a variety of nation plug specs and excellent pure copper power cord with great sturdiness, is not easy to oxidize and is much more safe and reliable.

W2KU Series White Gray Switch and LED Light

Switch Protection

This individual switch extension outlet every layer with individual switch and indicator led light. It can be highly intuitive to see whether each socket is functioning and freely manage the power supply’s working condition, which you can turn off at any time when not in use.

Overload Protection

Furnished with a security overload security button, it will automatically cut off the power supply when the power supply is overloaded. After security, you can push the red button to resume work. This best multi plug outlet can effectively prevent overvoltage, overload, overcurrent, and other security dangers.

W2KU Series White Gray Overload Protection


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