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4 ways EU type power sockets meet your needs for charging multiple devices at the same time.

Equipped with 2xPD20W and 2xQC18W USB ports, it supports fast charging, saving you valuable time. The total output power is up to 20W, which can quickly charge your smart devices.

Equipped with a main overload switch, it can effectively prevent electrical appliances from being overloaded and ensure the safety of electricity use.

In this era of abundant power, a powerful power strip becomes the best partner for your electronic equipment. With its innovative design and excellent functions, the European standard 4-way power strip injects infinite vitality into your charging experience, allowing you to control power in your hands!

European standard 4-way power strip

Multifunctional design to meet all your needs.

The European 4-way power strip not only provides four European standard sockets to meet your charging needs for various electrical devices, but is also equipped with four USB ports, two of which are PD20W and the other two are QC18W. With a total output power of up to 20W, your device can be fully charged in the shortest time, making it easy to cope with daily life and office use.

T04UC 4 sockets and 4 USB ports

Integrated copper bar structure, stable, safe and guaranteed.

It adopts high-quality copper strip structure and European standard 4-way power strip to ensure stable power transmission and provide a more reliable charging environment for your equipment. It is also equipped with an overload protection main switch. Once an abnormal current is detected, the power will be cut off immediately to provide you with Ensure the safety of your equipment.

4 gang power socket

Whether it is home life or office environment, the European standard 4-way power strip will become your right-hand man. Its portability and versatility make it suitable for various scenarios, bringing more convenience to your life.




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