Multi Socket With USB And Wireless Charger JEOSTORM

This practical vertical multi socket with USB and wireless charger, there are three specifications to choose from, supporting three charging methods, each layer has you can an independent safety switch.

It can support a specification with a 14 AC socket, 4 USB ports, and 1 wireless charger at most.

4 Smart USB ports 2.4A max/per port, 3.4A in total. Wireless charging max power 10W,AC Outlets rated power is 2500W (250V,10A). 6.5 FT long cable wire can be retracted by bottom shrink design.

SKU 712KUW/713KUW/714KUW Category

JEOSTORM Multi Socket With USB

Three different charging methods, including sockets, USB ports, and wireless chargers, can fully meet your other charging needs.

This multi plug and socket is a newly popular extension socket that looks like a tower. It is equipped with multiple charging outlets, several USB ports, and a wireless charger. Can meet the charging needs of a large number of devices; no need to worry about not having enough sockets.

712KUW Socket
713KUW Socket
714KUW Socket
713KUW multi plug and socket
712KUW Series Wireless Charge

Wireless Charger:

This wireless extension socket top comes with a wireless charger, compatible with most mobile devices on the market that supports wireless charging. Please put it on a desktop or any surface, and the phone only needs to be placed on the top of the device to charge.

Widely Spaced Design:

Each layer range between the socket openings is 3CM. You do not call to fret about the dimension of the device’s plug anymore; widely spaced AC sockets are sufficient to fit large plugs without blocking each other. Support many different international socket extension plugs and also 4 USB ports.

712KUW Series Large Spacing
712KUW Series USB Port

Intelligent USB charger:

4 USB ports 3.4 A in total, per port max 2.4 A, smart USB ports has a built-in wise IC for USB charging management, 4 USB plug socket can wisely detect your gadget as well as offer matching charging speed.

Portable Design:

The bottom of the 6 socket extension tower adopts a wire storage design; with the 6.5FT wire length, it can be easily wound and stored. You can control the size of the cord freely, and you can keep it directly into the bottom when you don’t need it, making it more convenient to carry when you travel.

712KUW Series Wire storage base

JEOSTORM Tower Extension Switch Socket

With the socket and also USB ports distributed on four sides, there is additionally a wire storage design at the bottom. Can tidy your desk clear, avoid cable mess.

712KUW Series Switches and LED lights

Switch and LED indicators:

Switch and LED indicators: This multi plug socket with individual switches on each layer is furnished with an independent button and LED indicator lamp. You can freely regulate with powered by of each layer, when you are not utilizing it, you straight turn it off, more power saving and more save mony.

Overload Security:

There is an overload protection button near the bottom. When the functioning present goes beyond the ranked current, the switch will automatically leap and immediately cut off the power. Overloading plug sockets can avoid circuits overload and shield the devices from overcurrent, overpressure, or other unsafe cases.

712KUW Series Overload Protection


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