Multi Socket Extension Board With USB Port And Switch JEOSTORM

This practical multi socket extension board with USB port and individual switch has three models to choose from, support up to 5 AC interfaces and 2 USB ports, and supply power to 7 devices simultaneously.

AC socket to rate power max 2500W(250V, 10A), 2 USB ports for 5V/2.1A total, single port maximum 2.1A.

Independent switch and LED indicator lamp design for convenient control with power, you can turn the power off at any time when not in use, more safety, more power saving.

Overload protection design can safeguard your expensive devices from overvoltage, over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature wait for the danger.

JEOSTORM Multi Socket Extension Board

Perfect 7-in-1 design, equipped with multiple sockets and USB ports, can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

There are three models of this power extension board with USB port for you to choose from, and it can charge up to 7 devices simultaneously. Each socket is equipped with an independent switch and LED indicator; you can freely control the power supply of each socket.

88K3U Socket
88K4U Socket
88K5U Socket
88K3U power extension board with USB port
88K3 USB Port

Smart USB port:

This power extension board with USB can charge two devices simultaneously; Smart detection provides the fastest charging speed to the device, 2 USB ports for 5V/2.1A total, single port max 2.1A.

Safety Bezel:

Each socket of the 5 socket extension board has a built-in safety baffle; The safety baffle can protect your and your children against accident contact and keep debris and dust away perfect choice for home, office, and dormitory.

88K3U Safety bezel
88K3 10 degree tilt

Installable Design:

The back of the wall extension board is equipped with a groove installation design that lets you easily install mount anywhere; similar to installing on the wall, it can save more desktop space, rubber feet on the bottom keep from slipping and sliding. The whole also adopted a 10° inclination angle design, lets you have a better angle to use the power strip.

JEOSTOMR Extension Board With Individual Switch

Each socket has an independent switch and LED indicator and has multiple safety protection devices.

Switch And LED Indicator:

The extension board with separate switches is equipped with an independent switch and LED indicator for each socket. Let you see the working condition of each socket more intuitively, which is convenient to control socket the power supply and is safer and more energy-saving.

88K3 Switch and LED light
88K3 Overload protection

Overload Protection:

This multi plug extension board has an overload protection function. When the overall power of connected electric appliances exceeds the rated capacity, the button of the overload warning device on the side of the equipment will spring automatically and shut off the power supply,used to ensure your electrical safety.

High-quality Materials:

High quality extension board is equipped with high standard material and high-quality super thick copper wire; good conductive performance is better. The shell is flame-retardant material of ABS, covering 750°high temperature fire-proof,resist high-temperature fever,make you safer to use.

88K3U Fireproof material


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