Multi Plug With Usb Ports Audio Extension Socket JEOSTORM

Practical multi plug with USB ports extension socket has two sockets and 3 USB ports, equipped with clock and Bluetooth speaker features. There are two models to choose from Z04U and Z04UC; the Z04UC model has two USB fast charging ports.
Z04U has 3 USB-A ports, each port 2.4A max, total output 5V/3.4A. Z04UC has a USB-A port、a 20W USB-C port, and an 18W QC port, 20W total for three ports. Socket total rated power max 2500W.
A high-definition display screen has a clock display and can also be used as an alarm clock. Bluetooth speaker function supports three different ways to play your favorite music.

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JEOSTORM Multi Plug With USB Ports Extension Socket

Distinctive product design equipped clock and also Bluetooth audio function. With several outlets and USB ports, It can simultaneously provide power to 5 devices.

Smart extension plug extension board has various features: two sockets on the sides, a large screen showing the time on the front, and three USB ports on the bottom. In addition to charging mobile devices and home appliances, there are alarm clock and audio functions; you can listen to music while charging.

Z04UC Black Smart extension plug extension board
Z04U USB Port

Model Z04U has 2 AC sockets, 3 USB-A ports.
USB outputs: 3 USB-A ports, each port 2.4 A max, total output 5V/3.4A.
The USB port extension board can detect your USB device and supply the fastest charging.

Model Z04UC has 2 AC sockets, 3 USB ports power totalling 20W, 1 USB-A port 2.4 A, one 18W QC port, one 20W USB-C port.
This extension board with USB socket equipped QC and USB-C 2 fast-charging port; the USB-C port supports PD rapid-charging protocol.

Z04UC USB Port

JEOSTORM 2 Plug Extension Socket

Power socket with Bluetooth speakers functions can Freeplay songs or stories and are ideal for offices, rooms, and living rooms.

USB charger extension board

Clock function:

This socket USB charger extension board has a time display and alarm clock function. You can keep it on your desk or beside your bed to check the time and set alarms at any time, but unlike mechanical alarm that keeps ticking, not influence the top quality of your sleep, supply you with a peaceful resting environment.

Operation Switch:

There are multiple operation buttons on the top of the 2 way extension lead with switch. In addition to controlling the clock time and turning on and off the machine, you can select different modes, adjust the volume, set the alarm and switch songs.

Z04U Action button
Z04U bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Speaker:

Behind the power cube extension lead socket is the speaker of the Bluetooth speaker; you can quickly link devices using Bluetooth, enabling you to enjoy songs anytime, anywhere, provide the most comfortable user experience.

Connection Method:

The audio speaker can promptly pair your phone or tablet computer with broad compatibility and Bluetooth quick pair. The best socket extension ​with audio additionally sustains TF cards and U disk to play songs or tales, geared up three various methods to play the material you want.

best socket extension


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