Multi Plug Extension Lead Socket With Individual Switch JEOSTORM

Practical multi plug extension lead sockets have 3 models:
A 2-layer design with 7 AC sockets and 2 USB ports
A 3-layer design with 10 AC sockets and 2 USB ports
A 4-layer design with 15 AC sockets and 2 USB ports
can charge up to 17 devices at the same time, the rated power of the socket can reach 2500W (250V, 10A), USB total output 5V/2.1A, each port is up to 2.1A.Each layer is equipped with a switch and LED light, which can independently control the power usage of each layer, making electricity safer.

JEOSTORM Multi Plug Extension Lead Socket

A Many-layer tower socket is more helpful to save space; cooperating with multiple sockets and USB ports can make it very convenient to satisfy all your charging demands on various occasions.

This extension lead with individual switches; up to 4 layers can be selected, up to 7 AC outlets and 2 USB ports; each layer has a power switch, and an LED Indicator can see the working conditions of each layer of sockets. Applicable to various house home appliances, power max up to 2500W.

612KU Socket
613KU Socket
614KU Socket
612KU Black Gray Extension Lead With Individual Switches
612KU USB Port

Smart USB Port:

The USB multi plug socket extension lead has a built-in smart IC for USB charging management.2 USB ports can detect charged devices and deliver optimum charging speed up to 2.1A, Ideal for cell phones, tablets, E-readers, watch, and more USB devices.

Widely Spaced Outlets

This universal multi plug extension lead has large spaced AC sockets that are separated enough to fit big plugs without blocking each other. Distance between the socket holes is 3cm, up to 15 different specifications plug and 2 USB slots for up to 15 sockets. Saving your space and making your desktop organized.

612KU Large spacing

JEOSTORM Tower Extension Lead Plug Sockets

Circular tower design sockets can perpendicularly to the desktop, maximizing desktop space compared to the conventional models.

612KU Switches and LED lights

Switch Design:

The individually switched extension lead with USB and socket has an individual power control switch on each level. At the same time are equipped with an LED indicator. See the working conditions of the sockets on each layer, making it easy to turn off multiple electronics at once when not in use.

Overload Protection

This extension lead with power outlets has an overload protection switch that automatically jumps up the power when the working current exceeds the rated current. Can prevent overloading circuits and protect the devices from overcurrent, overpressure, or other unsafe cases.

612KU Overload protection


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