Multi Plug Extension Cord With Usb Port And Switch JEOSTORM

This multi plug extension cord has 3 AC outlets, 4 USB-A full-speed charging ports, 1 QC 18W port and 1 PD 18W port; there are two versions.
Power rated power:3250W(13A); USB-A ports total output 5V 2.4A, each port 2.4A max;
One main switch controls the power of the entire device; contemporary with one indicator light.
shell colour: white,black ,material is ABS cover.

JEOSTORM Multi Plug Extension Cord

Able to safely and efficiently power multiple devices.

Product Feature

Strip design

 Save much space

 Fast Charging

 Charging Devices at full speed

Smart USB

Detect devices automatically

Multiple Protection

Keep you and devices safe

Shell Material

ABS anti-drop material

Custom Appearance

Support OEM customization

3 plug socket extension

Power strip with 3 AC outlets (2500W/10A) and 5 USB ports(5V/2. 4A)with a 6.5 ft (2m) wire length, which can support eight electric devices simultaneously; the perfect solution for all of your charging needs.

AC Sockets
USB Port
W035K and W035KT difference

Fast charge outlet USB charging station. No look for a charger. You only need to plug a cable into one of the USB ports. This powerful USB plug socket extension has two versions, the type of charging port is different, they are W035K and W035KT versions.

Model W035K has 3 AC outlets, 4 USB-A ports and 1 QC fast charging port.
USB outputs: 4 USB ports / 2.4A + 1 QC 18W, total 18W MAX.

W035K USB port
W035KT USB port

Model W035KT has 3 AC outlets, 3 USB-A ports, 1 QC fast charging port and 1 PD fast charging port.
USB outputs: 3 USB ports / 2.4A + 1 QC 18W + 1 PD 18W,total 30W MAX.

JEOSTORM Extension Multi Socket

The shell is made of ABS tough material and a variety of safety protections, making it more reliable to use.

Safety Switch

3 socket extension lead equipped compound silver contactor switch, good conductivity contact, small fever, reduce arcing, at the same time, it controls the power supply of the whole equipment and can be directly shut down when it is not needed, which is convenient and safer.

Switch details
LED Light

LED Indicator Light

The LED indicator in the switched socket extension leads shows the power light shows you the equipment work status. It will not affect your sleep at night. Instead, it allows us to find it quickly in the dark.

Child safety shutter

Each AC socket has a safety door inside, preventing child fingers from being inadvertently inserted into the outlet caused danger, best socket extension board can protect your children from each unused outlet and any unexpected electric shock.

AC Socket safety shutter

JEOSTORM Universal Socket With USB

Suitable for various plug types and supports two USB fast charging ports, all interfaces used together will not interfere with each other.


W035K 4 USB-A Ports、1 QC Port, W035KT 3 USB-A Ports、1 QC Port、1 PD Port


Black, White


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