Cube Extension Lead With USB Port And 2 Way Socket JEOSTORM

Uniquely designed cube extension lead with USB port, small size and high power. There are three different models and three charging methods; it can power up to six devices simultaneously.

FT02 and FT02W have 2 AC outlets. 3 USB-A ports, each port 2.4A Max, Total output 5V/3A(15W ). FT02W also comes with a 10W wireless charger.
FT02WC has 2 AC outlets. one USB-A port、 an 18W QC port 、 a USB-C port, and a 10W wireless charger, a total output of 18W.

The shell is made of PC + PP flame-retardant material, effectively preventing fire hazards.

JEOSTORM Cube Extension Lead With USB

This is a powerful charging station with a small size, high power, unique bracket design, and multiple charging methods.

Powerful charging station with multiple charging methods, you even no look for a charger, you require to connect a charging cable into the USB ports. This double socket extension lead ​has 3 models. The type of USB charging port is different; they are FT02 、 FT02W, and FT02WC, three models.

Model FT02 has 2 AC sockets, 3 USB-A ports. Readily available in 4 colors.
USB port output: 3 USB-A ports, each port 2.4A max, total output 5V/3A(15W).
This plug socket for extension lead automatically detects the device when connected and provides the fastest charging speed. Can charge 5 devices at the same time.

FT02 white black detailed function
FT02W Detailed function

Model FT02W has 2 AC sockets, 3 USB-A ports, and a wireless charger. Readily available in 4 colors.
USB outputs: USB outcomes: 3 USB-A ports, each port 2.4A max, total outcome 5V/4.8A(24W ).
Wireless charging function furnished with a 10W wireless charging pad to aid you to charge quickly. This multi plug extension lead is appropriate for all mobile phones that sustain Qi wireless charging protocol.

Model FT02WC has 2 AC outlets, USB-A port, USB-C port 、QC port, and a wireless charger. Readily available in 4 colors.
USB outputs: USB-A ports 2.4 A max, 18W QC port 、 20W USB-C port and 10W wireless charging, 20W total for ports.
It is equipped with two fast-charging ports; USB-C supports the PD charge function. You can use it for fast charging devices that support PD charging protocol, such as iPhone. Can charge 6 devices at the same time.

FT02WC Detailed function

JEOSTORM 2 Way Extension Lead With USB

5FT line length and multiple sockets multiple USB ports plus multiple security protections, supply you with the most practical experience.

FT02 Bracket design

Bracket Design

Extension leads with USB sockets equipped with specially designed stand; it can bring you the best view of watching movies, video call with friends, and online shopping. Make your hands free and keep your desktop tidy.
The bracket part of Model FT02W and FT02WC is also equipped with a wireless charging function. You don’t need to find a charging cable, you only need to put the phone there bracket part, and you can charge it directly. The phone is also charging while enjoying the movie.

Shell Material

This extension lead usb power socket shell is made of PC + PP material. There will be no open flames even if you burn the power strip with highly effective flame retardancy. Therefore, it does not have the hidden danger of causing house fires, which is very important in safety protection.

FT02 Shell Material

Product Features

  • This universal multi plug socket size is minimal, you can carry it easily, you can arbitrarily put it in your bag, can easily take it when you travel or go out for fun without too much burden.
  • This 5 socket extension lead making from a high-quality 1.25mm² copper bus bar, durable 10A power cord, and fire-retardant plastic. The entire power board complies with safety standards.
  • It is made of PP and PC flame-retardant material and can protect your devices from over-current, over-charge, short-circuit & over-heated.


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