JEOSTOMR Power Socket and Tower Socket

JEOSTOMR Multi Plug Extension Board

Concentrate on outlet research and development, Allow you to get power any place you go, and offer the most natural ease for your life.

With the advancement of science h and innovation, the equipment around us is frequently iteratively updated, from small-screen button phones to large-screen touch-screen phones, from black-and-white TVs to large-screen Televisions. And the power socket extension board that we use most often in our lives is constantly being updated.

Its appearance has brought a lot of convenience to our lives. Since the increase of our home appliances, we currently have devices such as laptop computers, tablet computers, smartphones, and wireless Bluetooth devices. It’s inadequate to rely on the wall socket, so having a suitable power outlet extension is already necessary.

JEOSTORM multi plug extension sockets are constantly being developed, designed, tested, and manufactured; very suitable for our households, offices, and other different places. There are two styles for our power multi plug extension socket: a strip-shaped power extension board and a tower vertical power socket. You can pick according to your needs, and also there will certainly constantly be one that fits your demands.

The strip-shaped multi plug extension with USB has numerous AC sockets to power multiple devices simultaneously. Plus, an intelligent USB port can charge our cellphones, laptops, tablet computers, and cameras at any time.
The portable design can be carried out easily, and it will not take up too much space in the backpack.
At the same time, you can freely install it on the wall through the installing hole on the back, saving even more desktop room.

The unique power tower multi plug extension with USB socket uses a vertical design; the bottom utilizes the smallest desktop room yet can fully use the top space.
Having a variety of various charging approaches, multiple power outlets, and USB ports, you can supply power to lots of devices simultaneously; Partdevice have wireless charger functions.
Extremely helpful for offices or homes with more equipment, no demand to bother with an insufficient number of sockets.

JEOSTORM’s best multi plug extension board with USB will be geared up with a collection of safety and security guarantees to safeguard your and your device’s use security and allow you to utilize it with more mind.

L4KU-black gray Universal Extension Socket

High Power

It is not enough to have multiple power socket, and it is useless not to provide enough power. If you have multiple devices, you need a high power extension board; our multi plug socket extension will be very suitable for you. The high-power design can supply power to various devices simultaneously without interfering with each other.

Safety Bezel

Each of the multiple power outlets has a built-in safety baffle; The safety baffle can protect your and your children versus mishap contact and keep debris and dirt away perfect selection for home, office, and dorm.

multiple power outlets
extension lead switched outlet

Switch And LED Light

Power extension lead switched socket furnished with a power switch and LED indicator. Let you see the functioning condition of each outlet much more intuitively. Power can be turned off when not used, which is convenient to manage the power supply and is safer and much more energy-saving.

Overload Protection

When the total power of connected electric appliances surpasses the ranked power, the switch of the overload protection device of the equipment will spring automatically and shut off the power supply. Electric socket extension with overload protection can effectively avoid potential dangers triggered by overload, overvoltage, and overcurrent.

Electric socket extension with overload protection
high quality extension board

High Quality Material

A high quality multi socket extension board ​is furnished with high-quality material and copper cord; good conductivity and better performance. The shell fostering flame-retardant material of ABS or PC, high temperature, and drop resistance make you more secure to make use of.