JEOSTORM Tower Power Socket

The very best charging station with a unique design can meet all your device charging requirements.

JEOSTORM Tower Power Socket

The very best charging station with a unique design can meet all your device charging requirements.

JEOSTORM Socket Power Tower

JEOSTORM Universal Socket Tower

In the present market, the tower extension board is an advancement that is better than the normal power board. It is a relatively novel existence currently, with a more distinct appearance, even more features, and safer protection.

The towers power socket adoption vertical-style makes for a little footprint, so They are the perfect charging device for anyone with lots of devices to attach or charge.

The vertical power socket gives several charging ports, and the universal socket hole sustains an of plugs of various national different specs so that you can charge all your devices without interfering with each other.

FT12UC Tower Extension Board

But although the number of socket charging ports is important, the high quality is also extremely vital! Does the multi plug socket tower only have AC outlets? Or are you required to consist of more various charging methods? Does he support most charging protocols? With the upgrading of devices, you require to consider your equipment charging demands before purchasing and making sure that the charging tower you select supports your devices.

The tower extension socket with usb is furnished with a smart USB port. The USB charger provides you with a high battery charging conversion rate. At the same time, the built-in smart IC for USB charging management can smartly identify your devices and supply matching charging rates, offering you the very best charging rate and charging protection.

L4KU-black gray-Extension Socket With Switch
FT12 USB Fast Charging Port

In addition to the USB-A charging port, an excellent tower multi plug outlet can also equipped have two fast charging ports: a USB-C port or a QC port, compatible with most charging devices on the marketplace. The QC 3.0 charging port is compatible with most Android smartphones. The USB-C port is also furnished with a PD charging method to offer fast charging feature for your iPhone device.

Then there is the wireless charger. The wireless charger sustains all smartphones with Qi wireless charging protocol. wireless extension board can realize wireless charging of different powers for newer models of mobile phones such as iPhone, Samsung, LG, etc. If you or your guests want to bill the device’s battery without dragging the power cable, It can be placed directly on the wireless charger, which is particularly convenient.

814KUW wireless charge

With a selection of security guarantees
overall protection of you and also your equipment

Switch Protection
Tower switched extension socket ​are equipped with a power switch and LED lights on each floor. you can easily control the power supply of each layer, and you can turn it off at any time when not in use
Overload Protection
The tower multi plug socket has an overload defense switch. Can effectively stop prospective security risks such as overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, and so on.
High Quality Material
Tower usb multi plug ​socket use high-standard materials and high-quality super thick copper wire; good conductive performance. The shell is constructed from ABS or PC material, high-temperature,and more durable and anti-drop.

There are many different styles of tower multi power plug socket, there will always be one that you want, and each one has multiple charging methods, suitable for most of your charging devices.

Adoption bracket designed tower mini extension socket, small size and high power. There are three charging methods,USB port with two fast charging ports USB-C port and QC port. The bracket part has a wireless charging function, and it can be directly charged when placed on the bracket.

The multi power socket extension tower has six models, with multiple sockets and USB ports having two fast charging ports. The unique square design occupies the smallest desk space but fully uses the upper room. You can easily place it in a narrow corner.

This multi socket extension tower adoption an imaginative vertical rotating design, 180-degree revolving axis technical makes it can transform each layered area angle as you like, and the socket can be adjusted at any time. It saves many areas, tidies various messy cords in your house and work.

This power outlet extension tower is a newly popular socket that looks like a round tower, with a cable storage design at the bottom. It is equipped with multiple charging outlets, several USB ports, and a wireless charger. It can meet the changing needs of many devices; no need to worry about not havingenough sockets.