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Committed to providing customers with high-quality power solutions. As an industry leader, JEOSTORM designs, produces, and supplies various power socket extension board cords to meet the needs of different fields such as hotels, office furniture, and supermarkets.

JEOSTORM Power Socket Extension

Necessary power socket extension charging equipment around you provides a perfect charging solution.

Power Extension Board JEOSTORM

JEOSTORM Universal Electrical Socket Extension

The JEOSTORM plug socket extension board has a universal socket, which is suitable for plugs of different national specifications. Meanwhile, it provides a convenient USB port for smartphones, tablets, power banks, and more.

Our company’s power socket extension boards are not just powerful, they also pay attention to detail and design. Each product has been thoughtfully designed to incorporate a contemporary aesthetic so that it complements a variety of environments and home decor. This well-designed appearance, combined with its highly practical functionality, makes JEOSTORM’s products stand out in the market.

W04KUT multi socket switch

JEOSTORM pays attention to the diversity of products to meet the needs of different users. Whether it is an ordinary power socket expansion board, or an advanced model with smart charging and USB fast charging functions, the company has a variety of options. This flexibility makes the company’s products suitable for a variety of uses, from providing convenient charging solutions for hotel guests to efficient power management for offices and supermarkets.

In terms of safety, JEOSTORM promises to provide users with reliable products. Each extension lead socket has undergone strict quality control and is equipped with multiple safety functions such as overload protection and short circuit protection to ensure safety and stability during use.

Revolutionary Design: All-in-One Extension Board with USB for Ultimate Power Convenience

In this intelligent innovation age, there are a growing number of devices around us, no matter in the house or outside; We need more than just a socket point. Although most locations will be equipped with a wall socket, it is insufficient before numerous devices. Life becomes easier when you have a multi plug extension socket ​at your fingertips.

W04KU multi socket plug

It’s great to have many ports, but what’s the point if they can’t provide enough power? If you have more than one device, you must use a power board with a high power board. And our multi socket plug power board is highly appropriate for you, can supply power to several devices simultaneously and has high-power support, but please do not exceed the total wattage.

The keyhole slot on the back of the electric socket extension allows you to install it on a wall surface or floor flexibly. There is no need to worry about the lack of desktop space; installing directly on the wall can save more desktop space. The anti-skid pad at the bottom can also keep the socket stable on the desktop.

USB power socket
socket extension board with USB

The socket extension board with USB is geared up with a wise USB port. The intelligent USB has a built-in USB charging management IC, which can automatically recognize your USB-powered gadgets and supply the fastest charging speed while providing safe charging for your USB device.

With the upgrading of technology, A excellent USB power socket is also outfitted with two fast charging ports: a USB-C port and a QC 3.0 port. The USB-C port likewise sustains the PD charging protocol, which can supply quick charging for your iPhone devices. The QC 3.0 charging protocol is compatible with the majority of Android smartphones and the majority of charging devices on the marketplace.

W035KT USB port

Enhance Your Power Reach with our Cutting-Edge Power Socket Extension Solution!

With a variety of charging protection, protect your safety in many aspects

Switch Protection
The switched extension lead is ready with power switch control; the LED indicator lets you see whether the outlet functions work straight. You can freely regulate the power supply of the socket, reduce your standby power usage.
Overload Protection
When the power exceeds the rated capacity, the overload warning device switch of the equipment will immediately cut off the power supply. The best extension board with overload security can effectively secure your devices from overload, over-current, or other hazards.
Socket Safety Bezel
Each outlet of the socket multi plug board has a built-in safety and security baffle; The safety baffle can protect your and your children against accident contact and keep debris and dust away, perfect choice for home, office, and dormitory.
High Quality Material
The USB multi plug socket adoption of ABS or PC flame-retardant material shell, high temperature and drop resistance. Excellent shell materials can effectively avoid fire hazards triggered by overload, overvoltage, and overcurrent throughout use.
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A variety of different types of multi plug sockets, and with a variety of different charging ports, to meet your daily needs.

The power spike guard features 4 AC electrical outlets and 4 USB ports. Large spacing sockets can charge various large plug devices simultaneously without interfering with each other. The installing holes on the back can be easily installed on the wall surface, saving you much more desktop space.

This multi plug socket with switch has 3 AC outlets with 5 USB ports, and the main switch is equipped with an overload protection function. As with two fast charging ports: USB-C port and QC 3.0 port, which can support eight devices all at once; It can be excellent for all your device charging demands.

The 4 way extension lead with 4 USB ports, The USB ports include an 18W QC3.0 port. It has furnished an overload power switch, which efficiently manages the power supply. When coming across overcurrent, overload, and various other troubles, it will instantly cut off the power supply to ensure your safety and security.

This multi power plug outlet has a range of colour appearances, the groove design on the back can be easily installed on the wall. Contemporary equipped with two socket ports, 2 USB-A ports, as well as a QC fast charging port, also with a unique phone brace design, free your hands as well as maintain the desktop computer tidy.

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