Multi Plug Extension Board Suitable For Your Work, Home And Travel

With the increasing dependency on electronic devices and gadgets, More and more devices appear around us, whether at the office, at home or on the go. But it is not always an easy task to find the perfect place to charge them all, and not enough sockets are faced when you need to charge multiple devices at once but you have a single charging socket. A multi plug extension board comes as a great solution in such a scenario.

A handy socket extension board is a must-have charging accessory for home and work. Imagine having to power phones, laptops, Bluetooth speakers, monitors, or any other gadgets you own. At this time, when there is an excellent multi plug extension board that solves the charging problem of all your devices at once, then your troubles will disappear.

JEOSTORM multi plug extension board

So What Else Can A Multi Plug Extension Board Do?

Charging all your devices simultaneously with limited outlets can be very difficult without a power strip. Multi-socket power strip In addition to powering your multiple devices, and also can also help you organize your desktop and keep your desktop clutter-free. And you can also choose a power strip with various functions, not only with a USB port but also with wireless charging or other features. Hence, the main advantage of owning a power plug extension board is charging multiple types of equipment simultaneously. It offers convenience and practicality to your everyday life.

Affordable, versatile, and manufactured with the highest quality, the JEOSTORM extension board manufacturing factory will protect you and your equipment.

Without further ado, let’s look at our recommendations for the best extension board for work, home and travel.

This extension board with USB socket has various features; there is one socket on two sides. On the front are a time display and three USB ports. The supports the alarm clock function. The three USB ports include a USB-A, QC port and USB-C port. The back is an audio speaker that supports Bluetooth, TF, and U disk three-way to connect to play music.

It’s perfect for keeping it by your bedside or work desk, where you can check the time or set the alarm. It supports five devices to supply power simultaneously, allowing you to use it while listening to music.

Z04UC Black Smart extension plug extension board

This round tower extension with usb socket is ideal for scenarios where multiple devices need to be powered, such as offices, conference rooms, computer rooms, etc. It has up to 15 AC power outlets and 2 USB ports and can supply power to 17 devices simultaneously. Large spacing sockets are sufficient to install large plugs without blocking each other—the top fold handle design is more convenient to carry.

JEOSTORM Electrical Socket Extension

This extension board with separate switches has 5 AC sockets and 2 USB ports and can simultaneously charge up to 7 devices. Equipped with an independent switch and LED indicator for each socket. Let you see the working condition of each socket more intuitively, which is convenient for controlling socket the power supply and is safer and more energy-saving.
The back is equipped with a groove installation design that lets you can easily mounted wall. Each socket has a built-in safety baffle; The safety baffle can protect your and your children against accident contact and keep debris and dust away—perfect choice for home, office, and dormitory.

88K5U Extension Board With Individual Switch

Extension Board Suitable For Travel Carry

The uniquely designed multi plug extension lead is a powerful charging station with small size and high power. There is one socket on two sides; three USB ports (USB-A, USB-C and QC Port) are on the top. The front has one mobile phone holder and a wireless charging function.

A specially designed stand can bring you the best view of watching movies, video calls with friends, and online shopping. Make your hands free and keep your desktop tidy. Small in size, you can easily put it in a backpack without taking up too much backpack space. Very suitable for travel, without the problem of insufficient sockets in hotels or residences

FT02WC 2 Way Extension Lead With USB

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