Multi Extension Socket Tower Solve Your Multi-device Charging Problems

The cluttered work desk is becoming an increasingly pesky problem. Whether at home or in the office, we are surrounded by electronic devices around us. These electronic devices all need to be charging, but wall sockets alone are not enough, so multi extension socket tower are perfect for this situation.

In the era of charging devices, the multi extension socket tower is one of the newer developments, a more good evolution of the socket extension board. It is ideal for powering various devices such as laptops, mobile phones, monitors, and more. Power extension tower have more socket ports than regular socket extension boards, while the vertical design takes up less space, so they’re the perfect desktop accessory for anyone with a ton of devices to need the charge.

So, tower extension board are the most efficient solutions for tidying our desks. Although they come in many different shapes and sizes, they help us eliminate all the cable mess and quickly charge our devices in the meantime. However, how do we make the right choice with so many shapes, sizes, and features?

You can read this article, and we’ll help you list the best extension socket tower for you.

Vertical Multi Socket With Wireless Charging

This multi socket plug extension tower is a well-rounded overall choice with a solid multiple of AC outlets and USB ports. It has 18 outlets in total:14 AC outlets and 4 USB-A ports, and in each layer, you can make an independent safety switch. Simultaneously has protection for short-circuiting, overheating, and overloading.

814KUW Multi Plug Socket With Individual Switches

Square Tower Extension Board

Unlike round tower sockets, this multi plug socket tower has a unique square design with sockets distributed. You can place it in tight spaces, and will not it will not affect your usage.
It supports 12 sockets or 6 USB ports, and you can also choose a model with a USB-C fast-charging port to provide rapid charging. It adopts 6FT heavy-duty 14 AWG pure copper wire, and the bottom has overload protection.

FT12UC Tower Extension Board

Rotating Vertical Extension Tower

In this rotating tower extension socket with switch, 4 layers can be selected, up to 7 AC outlets and 2 USB ports; each layer has a power switch. Applicable to various house home appliances, power max up to 2500W.

Fashion, imaginative vertical rotating universal extension socket has multiple use angles. Has a 180-degree revolving axis technical makes it can transform each layered area angle as you like, and the socket can be adjusted at any time. Don’t worry about the problem of not being able to charge because of the angle of the socket. Say goodbye to the traditional socket design.

L4KU-black gray Universal Extension Socket

Tower Round Power Outlet With Handle

In this vertical power socket extension, there are three layers of height options, up to 15 sockets and 2 USB ports available, and a switch on each layer, which can better control the power supply of each layer. A fixed handle design on the top and a wire storage space design on the bottom is more convenient. You can freely select different specifications according to your demands.

713KUT White Gray Tower Round Power Outlet

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