Learn How To Buy A Best Electric Extension Board With QC Port

Every day we always need to spend a lot of time charging our mobile devices; these devices are important for our work and connection. But with smartphone battery capacities increasing alongside the power-hungry software and play, the more we recharge, the more often time is getting longer. If we can have a best electric extension board with fast charging port ready at home or in the office, we can solve this problem perfectly and charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously, saving us time.

FT02WC-power plug extension board

Electric Extension Board With Fast Charging Port

Currently, the charging ports used by mobile devices on the market are QC fast charging ports and USB-C fast charging ports. So fast charging on modern-day smartphones has become a feature most of us take for granted. And while we have several competing fast-charging protocols in the industry today, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge is still among the most widely used and mainstream charging protocol ports for Android phones. So extension boards with QC3.0 fast charging ports are very welcome.

FT12 USB Fast Charging Port

What Are The Benefits Of An Extension Board With QC Port?

Smartphones have evolved to utilize higher capacity batteries alongside larger screens. Qualcomm Quick Charge technology powers your devices faster than conventional charging as the standard USB port was limited to 5V and 1.5A (7.5W), but If your smartphone is Quick Charge 3.0-compatible, it only takes 30 minutes to charge to 60-80% of the power.

JEOSTORM Offers A Variety Of the Best Electric Extension boards Choose, And With QC Ports

This electric extension board with USB has 2 AC sockets and 3 USB ports, top-equipped wireless charging, and three different charging functions. 3 USB ports total power up to 20W, 1 USB-A port 2.4 A, 1 QC port 18W, and 1 USB-C port 20W.

JEOSTORM-electric extension board with USB
JEOSTORM-electric extension board with USB

This power socket extension is the perfect combination of 4 AC outlets and 4 USB smart, quick charging ports to safely power up to 8 devices from a single wall charging unit. 4 USB port total power 35W, 3 UAB-A ports maximum output is 5V/3.4A and 1 QC3.0 of 18W fast charge port.

W04KUT-power socket extension

This best socket extension board with 3 AC outlets (2500W/10A) and 5 USB ports, 3 USB-A ports total 2.4A, 1 QC 18W + 1 PD 18W, total 30W Max. Able to safely and efficiently power multiple devices.

W035KT-best socket extension board

This extension lead with power outlets has a variety of colour appearances, equipped with 2 AC sockets and 3 USB charging ports. 3 USB ports consist of two USB-A( 2.4A ) ports and a 15W QC quickly charging port. And also has a unique phone bracket design.

FT09-extension lead with power outlets

A USB extension board with a QC port makes the charging process even faster and more efficient, saving your time while ensuring a safe charge that protects battery life. Perfect for home and office use.

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