Is It Safe To Use A Universal Power Strip?

Over the years, we have been surrounded by different devices, home appliances, office equipment, and mobile devices. These devices need to charge often. An excellent universal power strip has become an essential power tool if you need more outlets to power your appliances.

Power Socket JEOSTOMR

The Best Universal Outlet Power Strip Supports Plug Types Of Most Countries.

There are as many as 15 commonly used types of domestic plugs in use worldwide. Most countries have adopted different standard plug and socket systems, but some have not bothered to settle on a plug standard. Various incompatible foreign plugs stump them, and these international power strips with universal sockets are an excellent solution to this problem.

Universal Plug Power Strip Upgrade

In the earliest days of universal power sockets, many people thought that universal sockets were unsafe. Lacked many safety protections, such as exposure of live pins, lack of required earth ground connection, voltage mismatch or lack of protection from overload and short circuit, and not meeting standards for durability, plug retention force low. These issues were very worrying in the early days. But after the technology upgrade, the original safe risk has also been resolved.

Overload Protection

The overload protection function prevents the damage caused by the electrical device’s power exceeding its rated capacity. Overloading can damage power extension cords, trip circuits, fire, and other hazards. Solve the potential safety hazard when the universal multi plug extension board charges multiple devices simultaneously.

88K3U Overload protection of multi plug extension board

Universal Socket Safety Door

The safety doors are the safety isolation tools inside the jack socket. The socket safety door can prevent foreign objects and dust from entering the socket hole. Improve the stability of the universal plug socket extension, and protect children from electric shock.

Socket Safety Door Of Universal Plug Socket Extension

Flame Retardant Material

The universal sockets power strip use insulating shell materials such as ABS material and PC material. ABS material has extreme toughness and impact resistance, which improves the shell’s durability. The mechanical strength of PC material is very high, and it has heat resistance and flame retardant characteristics. Overall, the durability and flame retardancy of the universal power socket are improved to protect your safety.

W04KUT Flame Retardant Material Of Universal Power Socket

At the time of purchase, you need to purchase the best universal power strip with safety and security. But still, we need to pay attention; not all universal power strips are safe, and cheap power strips do not necessarily have safety protection functions. So, please stay away from cheap universal power strips.

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