How to choose the right power extension board

Power Extension Board

With the changes of the times and the updating of technology, we have more and more devices. Nowadays, almost everyone has peripheral devices such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, iPad, wireless Bluetooth, etc., and more and more devices appear in front of our lives. But unfortunately, in our room, there is only one wall socket, and a wall socket has only two jacks. In such overwhelming conditions, the power extension board can help us connect multiple devices at once, solving a big charging problem for us. So do you know what the best socket extension is? Do you know how to choose the one that suits you?

Being the owner of many devices, you may often choose the wrong electric extension board ​for your costly devices. Selecting the correct extension board gives you peace of mind use and the safety of your devices. An extension cord can allow you to connect more than two devices simultaneously. It is used in offices, homes, and rooms to provide enough sockets to power your devices. Now the question is, how can you choose a good socket? Sounds confusing? No no, my dear reader, I am here to clear up your confusion and help you choose the right one for you.

Which appliances you can attach with the extension plug socket.

Commonly, You can plug in many home appliances and mobile devices, such as desktops, computers, blow dryers, curling rods, cell phones, tablets, laptops, t.v, washing machines, and workbench tools, laptops, kitchen appliances, and the like items.

88K5U Extension Board With Individual Switch

How can you choose the best power strip which meets your need?

Selecting a power socket is an easy task, but choosing the right one is not easy. Many of us think that electric socket extension are all the same, nothing different. If you think so, you are wrong. The electric socket extension is more than just having multiple ports, but the quality itself is also very important. Do you also need to consider whether you need more different charging ports? Next, will guide you to choose the best extension board.

The multifunction of the power extension board

All power sockets in the market look Alike, but in the function, they are very from each other. You read carefully and research whether it matches the scenario you want to use before buying.

Firstly consider do you need a power plug extension board

First of all, make sure that you are in shortage of sockets. After you find that the sockets are scarce in your room, you can start to choose the one that suits your multi plug extension board. It would be best if you began to consider these factors.

Unique Design

Some power sockets are designed specifically for the medical field, some for workbench tools, and some for home or planned for the outdoors. They all are different in design and features from one another.

Length of the multi plug extension cord

It would be best to determine the length of the extension cord you need first. The size is very important to your use position.

Multi Plug Outlet

The more devices, the more socket port support is required. You can charge your mobile,  can power home appliances. You can even use a curling rod to make yourself beautiful. Multi power socket can power these peripherals.

High quality shell material

Before purchasing, observe the quality of the shell. Our high quality extension board shell is made of ABS material or PC. The shell is more durable, anti-fall, and has a flame retardant function to prevent fire hazards.

high quality extension board

Buy a power extension board with a variety of different features.

There are several unique features you should keep in mind before purchasing. Wall mount function, USB port, high energy conversion rate, fast charging port and wireless charging features.

Power socket with safety features

When choosing a power board, you need to pay attention to whether it has some safety protection features, such as overload protection. The overload protection function can prevent the spike guard ​overload caused by too much power supply equipment. When the load is too large, it will automatically cut off the power supply to prevent dangers such as overcurrent, overvoltage, and overload and protect household appliances and equipment from damage.

Electrical rating

Before buying, you should check the power rating of the multi plug socket. This means how many high-powered devices it can support, which is important depending on what’s plugged into the outlet. After all, if it can’t provide enough power, what’s the point?

W04KUT multi socket switch

How the JEOSTORM tested power socket

Our engineers and test editors thoroughly test the power socket on our website. Besides, we conduct surveys, research markets, talk with product managers, and by our own experience. Before adding them to our website, we tested the power strips in kitchens, family rooms, workplaces, and offices. JEOSTORM pushes the Circuit grounding through Sperry instruments. You can find out the best of the best power outlets ​on our website.
JEOSTORM is offering its services 24/7 and giving you peace of mind. We are providing reliable electric services and products as compared to our other competitors in the market. Want to take our services? No need to be shy, just give us a call at +86 139 2463 3006 or mail us at JEOSTOR is priding to help you at your doorstep.
To wrap up the discussion, we direct you in the right direction through this piece of paper. I explained clearly what is the power socket and how it works. All points I mentioned above you should consider before making a purchase. All in all, a power strip is not merely a power extension but also provides a better lifestyle.

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