Why JEOSTORM Multi Socket Extension Lead Are Worth Your Choice

Multi socket extension lead are among the most frequently used electronic devices at home and in the office. It can charge multiple devices at the same time. Some people may have multiple different places using socket extension leads. In the kitchen, in the living room, in the study room or the working room. Due to the importance of socket extension lead, it is necessary to get the right and suitable best extension lead socket. Keep your device safe from damage by maintaining a safe charging environment. A safe extension cord socket can avoid the increase of electric shock and fire accidents during the use of electronic products and protect your personal safety.

JEOSTORM Plug Extension Socket

JEOSTORM’s plug extension leads are available in different designs, cable lengths, and other special features, aiming to meet the needs of different groups. it is made of high-quality materials, is safe enough, has advanced protection technology, and has a particularly user-friendly design.

Multi socket and wide pitch extension lead

Not enough wall charging sockets is the problem that many people who have an increasing number of electronic devices now face. High-wattage extension sockets allow you to charge mobile devices like cellphones, tablets, cameras, etc. Enough charging stations can meet all your charging requirements. You can find an multi socket extension lead with three sockets, eight sockets, 12 sockets, etc.

Extension Lead With Fast Charge USB

Using a USB port to charge your device for too long can damage your phone’s battery, so fast charging can reduce setting time to continue your entertainment quickly to save more energy. Good conductivity ensures more rapid charging from the AC socket of the multi plug extension lead. As for the USB ports, some are QC chargers with Qualcomm technology, and some have USB-C fast charging. Smart USB ports can detect each device and provide the best current for each device.

Extension Cord Sockets Made Of High-quality Materials

Fire accidents are easy to occur when using electronic devices due to poor quality. Some extension socket manufacturers use inexpensive or flammable materials that can be quickly heated if the extension lead socket is connected to several devices. Then you have to check if it is made of fireproof material (ABS or PC). The materials are durable enough to ensure long service life.

Jeostorm Safe Socket Extension Lead All-around Safety Protections

Extension lead with multiple socket can meet your various charging needs. At this time, the overload protection technology adopted by the JEOSTORM extension cord socket can well protect your equipment. prevent overloading, overheating, overvoltage and other hazards. Solve the potential safety hazard when the extension lead socket charges multiple devices at the same time.

plug extension lead with flame-retardant material

Apart from the above specialfeatures, you can also find a special designed plug extension lead tower. make full use of vertical space to save space and keep desk clean without cable clutters. Individually switched, extension lead can control each charging outlet to save more energy. Extension lead with safety doors can keep curious kids away from electricity, etc.

A good extension lead socket has enough charging sockets, full safe protections, high-quality materials, and fast charging speed. No matter what type of extension cord socket you need, you’ll find it in Jeostorm.

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